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How will your eating habits change if you are pregnant?

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They will change according to the education and information you might have on women who got pregnant and ate like crazies , when women are pregnant they eat for two, and stuff like that. I used to exercise everyday before getting pregnant,and WITH THE SUPPORT OF MY GINECOLOGIST I went to the gym everyday afterwards and did weight-lifting, aerobics, bike, etc. He said I could get 500 oz per mo. maximum, and that was great, I really watched what I ate, no simple carbohidrates, no sodas, no caffeine, and LOW amounts of fatty free food every three hours. Get informed first.

2006-05-02 14:46:38
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Q: How will your eating habits change if you are pregnant?
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When you are first pregnant can you have weight gain and no change in eating habits?

yes its not abnormal

Does the color of your excrement change when your pregnant?

Not directly, it's mainly determined by what you eat. But if pregnancy causes you to change your eating habits, then it would happen.

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Yes, a person can be pregnant and throughout the entire pregnancy they can have periods. It can be shorter and lighter but a period can also be shorter or lighter from stress, a change in eating habits, exercise or sexual activity.

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