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Imagine how a dog moves. It's almost like that but more of a wild touch

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How do wolves compete?

the wolves try to intimidate eatchother. If that doesn't work they fight and whoever wins moves up a rank in the pack. 🐺 wolves 4 ever! 🐺 💗

What describes immigration?

Humans move from one country into another country.

Name all the wolves in the world?

Alaskan Tundra Wolves, Alexander Archipelago Wolves, Arabian Wolves, Arctic Wolves, Baffin Island Wolves, Bernard's Wolves, British Columbian Wolves, Cascade Mountain Wolves, Dire Wolves, Eastern Timber Wolves, Ethiopian Wolves, Common Gray Wolves, Great Plains Wolves, Greenland Wolves, Hokkaido Wolves, Honshu Wolves, Hudson Bay Wolves, Iberian Wolves, Indian Wolves, Interior Alaskan Wolves, Iranian Wolves, Italian Wolves, Kenai Peninsula Wolves, Labrador Wolves, Mackenzie Valley Wolves, Mackenzie Tundra Wolves, Maned Wolves, Manitoba Wolves, Mexican Wolves, Mogollon Mountain Wolves, Newfoundland Wolves, Red Wolves, Southern Rocky Mountain Wolves, Texas Gray Wolves, Tibetan Wolves, Tundra Wolves, and Vancouver Island Wolves are all that I know of, and some of these might not even be around anymore.

What are all the wolves named?

There are many types of wolves some are Gray wolves, Red wolves, Eastern wolves, Maned wolves, Indian wolves, and Himalayan wolves.

How many kinds of wovles are there?

Arctic Wolves Timber Wolves Red Wolves Ethiopian Wolves Indian Wolves Asiatic Wolves European Wolves (probably extinct)

What is a collective noun of wolves?

The collective nouns are a pack of wolves or a rout (or route) of wolves.

What are the features of wolves?

wolves have very thick fur, they have sharp teeth called fangs, and long legs wich make them very fast. they have ears that turn almost all the way around to help them hear. they have eyes that can spot anything that moves.

What are species of wolves?

Some species of wolves are the gray wolves, red wolves, antic wolves and the coyote-wolf hybrid.

Are wolves native to Canada?

Some wolves like gray wolves and arctic wolves are.

When was Wolves in Wolves' Clothing created?

Wolves in Wolves' Clothing was created in 2005.

Who are the wolves?

Since this is posted in the Rugby section:There are several Rugby Teams called the Wolves.the warrington wolvesBucuresti wolvesKempton wolvesNorth west wolvesOttawa wolvesand probably more

What is collection of wolves?

A pack of wolves is a collection of wolves.

Are gray wolves and timber wolves the same species?

No Grey wolves and timber wolves are not the same.

Why are there no wolves in 1995?

There were wolves in 1995 and there are still wolves.

Do wolves kill wolves?

Yes, wolves kill other wolves, usually for territorial reasons.Yes, wolves will kill wolves from other packs, as well as adult lone wolves.

Are gray wolves or timber wolves more popular in Canada?

Grey wolves and Timber Wolves are the same.

What are white wolves really called?

they are known as arctic wolves and are said to be the biggest wolves out of other wolves

What are the most powerful wolves?

- gray wolves - dire wolves - Alaskan wolves These Are The Most Powerful Wolves In Order From Strongest To weakest But They Are All Powerful.

Are some wolves red?

no, red wolves are brownish wolves but they are not red.

What is the collective name for gray wolf?

There is no specific collective noun for gray wolves. The collective nouns for wolves are a herd of wolves, a pack of wolves, or a rout of wolves.

What is so special about Antarctic wolves?

What is special about Antarctic wolves (canis vulpes australis) is that they are actually foxes not wolves.

What do wolves do with sick wolves?

The sick wolves follow the pack but stays at a distance and scavenges off what the wolves eat. The wolves care about that sick one too.

Did all dogs evolve from wolves Which came first wolves or dogs?

Wolves came first, and dogs evolved from wolves.

Can wolves live with wolves?

Yes,Is the answere because Wolves live in packs with other wolves. Thats u answere!

Which is bigger timber wolves or gray wolves?

They are both the same kind of wolves, just two different names. The biggest wolves are the artic wolves (these are also gray and timber wolves, just with a different name). Artic wolves can weigh over 200 pounds.

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