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How world war 2 effected Japanese people?


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One of the major effects was they can not hold a strong military, only a small defense force for dire occasions. They currently are under U.S. protection, and are not allowed to posess firearms.


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it effected 69 people. lol

The Japanese people had to recover from defeat and rebuild their country, which they did.

it marked the beginging of the end of world war 2.

Most of Europe was effected along with America.

The 1940s was when World War 2 happened. The war then led to the Great Depression. Many people were effected.

World War 2 effected Coulsdon by the destruction of buildings and lost of lives. Coulsdon is located in South London, which was bombed multiplied times during the Second World War.

They were effected in many ways like their paintings, music and dance was all changed and based on World War 2

wrld war 2 is global because it has effected the whole world

* Absouloutly every one was effected by the war all over the world.

world war one effected a lot of people and when the men where sent to fight they thought it would be fun playing football everyday but infact that was not true. in world war one over 2.000.000 people died.

first answer: 2,620,000 to 3,120,000 Japanese people were killed in World War 2. Most people were killed by being dragged off to war, and over 110,000 Japanese people died in American concentration camps even though they were American citizens. second answer: Japanese were not killed in American camps. While in the camps, the Japanese were well taken care of and not abused.

World War Two, Eddie and his comrades are fighting the Japanese.

See: Wikipedia World War II Casualties.

700,000 - 10000000 Japanese citizens died in World War Two

The last year of World War ll with Japanese was 1945. At the end of 1945, the last internment camp was closed and this also saw Japanese people get a formal apology from Canada.

They were placed in concentration camps ; Japanese-American internment .

Decline of the empires, Changing economies and societies.

It has made many culture hate or dislike others. In other words it has changed the relationships between countries and people.

Germans,Japanese and Italy were the main People

The question is too vague to answer.

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