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What is the favorite music of senior citizens?

Senior Citizens like classical, or jazz.

Classical theories of democracy?

what sorts of assumptions do classical theories seem to make about citizens?

Were The Beatles republicans or democrats?

Being citizens of England, they were neither.

What are some changes that are made by democratic-republicans?

They harmonise escalated war and created interractive sections among the citizens.

When classical republicans spoke of the office of citizen what did they mean?

They meant that the citizen should set aside personal interest and help the common good. Citizens were to do this by being well-informed and engaged in community affairs. This emphasized duties, not rights.

What did Republicans say about the Social Security Act when it was first introduced?

saving for retirement is the job of citizens, not government

What happened to the dream of equality of the Radicals or Liberal Republicans?

Most of the hopes of the Radical or Liberal Republicans of the Civil War and Reconstruction era were not realized. Slaves were free and blacks were made citizens and (in theory) guaranteed full rights as citizens, but much of this existed only on paper for the next hundred years.

How many Republicans in Romania?

In Romania don't exist a Republican Party; but probably more than 95 % of the citizens are antimonarchic.

The Radical Republicans believed that former slaves should?

As the US' Reconstruction period began Radical Republicans believed that freed slaves should have freedom, and the same rights as any white citizen. Other people in the Democratic Party and citizens with no party affiliation also agreed with the Republicans.

What were the responsibilities and rights of citizens and non citizens in Classical Greek city-states?

Adult males were citizens. In the advanced democracies they had full rights, directed government, and fought in the army and navy. Non-citizens had no rights, and lived by permission under limited conditions, but had to fight in the army in defence of the city.

How did the Radical Republicans wish to reorganize the South?

The Radical Republicans wished to reorganize the South by demanding full and equal citizenship for African Americans and to destroy the South's old ruling class and turn the region into a place of political equality for all citizens.

What acts passed by John Adams were designed to weaken the democratic republicans?

the seditition act- law said citizens could be arrested or fined for criticizing the government.

Why did federalists pass the alien and seditionactsHow did republicans respond?

To protect the U.S from alien citizens of enemys. And they responded by searching for a way to fight the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Why did classical republicans stress the need for moral education and homogeneity?

According to Aristotle, a classical republican philosopher, the purpose of government is to promote the common good. In order to do so, the citizens of a given area need to maintain civic virtue, be morally educated and maintain small homogeneous communities. Aristotle further defines how citizens are to become good and virtuous via the progression of nature, habit and reason. Moral education aids in the development of good habits and the manner in which one should reason. Accordingly, the government must maintain a small homogenous community so that the people will maintain similar interests and care for each other's wellbeing as to promote the common good.

Who was most powerful speaker of house?

Republicans and Democrats would both agree that Henry Clay (KY) was quite a statesman. Republicans today might suggest Newt Gingrich because he was able to work with a Democrat presidential administration to the satisfactory of the majority of American citizens and both parties.

What does the most enlightened and respectible citizens suggest about the framers definition of good citizenship?

I think that it's an opinionated question. I think it means that a citizen should have an education and be knowledgeable as well as be a respectful and honorable person.

Why did the Democratic republicans not like the alien and sedition acts?

They curtailed freedom of speech also, when they lengthen the time to become citizens, well most immigrants were farmers. Most people(this is a generalization) who where democratic republicans were farmers. Also, to vote, you needed to be a citizen. So it takes longer for those democratic republican farmers to be able to vote. The democratic republicans felt like this was an attack towards them.

What is Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Polytechnic College's motto?

Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Polytechnic College's motto is 'To provide a character building and man-making education is to produce enlightened citizens of our country.'.

Why is it that republicans do not want all Americans to have access to affordable health care?

Republicans DO want all American citizens to have access to affordable healthcare. The difference with Democrats lies in the way they seek to achieve that end. Republicans believe that what the Democrats are doing will make the availability of healthcare worse, while also diminishing its quality. They want to enable the free market to deliver faster, cheaper, and higher quality healthcare to the masses.

What tactic did the ku klux klan use to influence elections in the south?

Intimidation of black citizens and of Republicans. This helped create the "Solid South" one-party rule that was to last for about 100 years.

What do Democrats think about senior citizens?

There are two main political parties in the United States, democrats and republicans. Democrats tend to focus on social justice and conservation efforts. They believe that all senior citizens should have access to social security, and should receive as much help from the government as is necessary.

Which people were excluded from Greece's limited democracy?

In the classical period in Athens only male citizens had standing, so women, slaves, even foreigners of long residence (metics) were excluded.

How does a classical liberal system protect the rights of citizens?

In a classical liberal system of governance, the rights of citizens are protected in two fundamental ways. Most largely, it views the basic relationship of government and governed as consensual: government exists and acts only by consent of the governed. Additionally, and in numerous particular ways, it limits the privileges and powers of governing agencies, bodies, and officials, whether in terms of scope, time-limits, internal checks and balances, or other limitations.

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