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Q: How would humans lives and our perceptions of the universe be different without space based technology and exploration?
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How would humans' lives and our perceptions of the universe be different with out space-base technology and exploration?

We wouldn't know as much about the world we live in and the universe out there. We would not know if there is a chance of us ever safely living on another planet.(<>..<>) E.T.

How would humans lives and our perseptions of the universe be different without space-based technology and exploration?

we`d live like cave men

How does human exploration effect scientific knowledge?

Human exploration expands scientific knowledge by discovering new phenomena, collecting data, advancing technology, and providing insights into extreme environments. It also inspires scientific interest and collaboration, contributing to a deeper understanding of our world and the universe.

What is Stargate Universe about?

Stargate Universe chronicles the adventures of an exploration team ~ see related link below .

What are the two lightest gases in the universe?

In our known universe, hydrogen then helium. But this may change with further exploration.

Why is space exploration a good thing?

So we can learn the mysteries of the universe.

How many pages does A Different Universe have?

A Different Universe has 272 pages.

Is the universe large?

at this point in time we cant claculate the size of the universe, this is because we dont have the technology to do so and because the universe is constantly expanding as you read this.

When was A Different Universe created?

A Different Universe was created on 2005-03-01.

How did the voyages of exploration affect Europeans' view of the world?

It led to a scientific revolution that changed our understanding of the universe.

How many UniVerse developers are there in the World?

Probably not many, maybe thousands, Universe is a 20 year old technology like COBOL

What is an alternative universe?

An alternative universe is a hypothetical world outside of our own, depicting a different way in which the universe could function.