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They would start with the defintion

Medically Necessary Services or supplies provided by a licensed health facility or health professional, which are determined by the health plan company and its contracting or employed Physician Group to be: Not Experimental or Investigational. Appropriate and necessary for the symptoms, diagnosis, or treatment of a condition, illness or injury. Provided for the diagnosis or care and treatment of the condition, illness, or injury. Not primarily for the convenience of the Member the Member's Physician, or anyone. The most appropriate supply or level of service that can safely be provided. For example, outpatient rather than inpatient surgery may be authorized when the setting is safe and adequate.

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My Blue Cross plan required documentation of medical condition requiring breast reduction, i.e., neck pain,Back pain, etc. I had to prove that I had sought help from MD's for a period of time and that the reduction was recommended by them.


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Q: How would someone determine if a breast reduction is considered 'medically necessary'?
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Will medicare cover breast lift?

No. If a breast reduction is medically necessary it can be covered by Medicare.

Is there any kind of cosmetic surgery insurance at all?

There are cosmetic surgeries that insurance will cover as long as it is medically necessary. Examples would include breast reduction, eye lifts and nose jobs as long as a doctor can prove to the insurance company that the surgery is medically necessary.

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Will insurance cover it if I get her brest reducition?

Most of the times yes, insurance does cover breast reduction because breast reduction is considered medically necessary. Being the case that it is your daughter (who I can only assume is young) it will be an even bigger medical need because of the future medical problems that could result otherwise. Yes, you are covered (though, this is all depending on your insurance, of course).

Do any insurance companies cover plastic surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery and InsuranceTypically, Cosmetic surgery and all other "elective" surgery is NOT covered under Medical Insurance policies unless the procedure is of a medical necessity. Corrective Cosmetic SurgeryIn general, for an insurance company to cover a plastic surgery, the surgery needs to be deemed medically necessary. Reconstructive surgery is considered medically necessary by many insurance companies if you are receiving reconstructive surgery after an accident or an additional medically necessary surgery (for example, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy). Nasal surgery performed with a diagnosis of deviated septum are considered medically necessary and normally some cosmetic repair is performed at the same time.Breast reduction can be medically necessary in certain circumstances.What is typically not medically necessary is breast implants (no previous mastectomy), face lifts, liposuction, abdominoplasty to remove excess skin around the abdomen, etc.Plan provisions vary widely. Even one insurance carrier can have 20 different plans available, each with variances regarding covered/non covered services. It is always best to contact your insurance company directly.

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Can you receive short term disability for plastic surgery?

Yes, as long as your doctor certifies it is medically necessary. Such as breast reduction for back pain, skin removal after massive weight loss, etc. Simply getting breast implants or a face lift for cosmetic reasons are not covered.

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