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Tea in a metal cup would cool down relatively quickly, since the metal cup wall conducts heat very well.

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Q: How would tea cool down in a metal cup?
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Does tea cool easily in clay cup or metal cup?

tea cools very easily in a metal cup

Would a plastic cup keep the water hot longer than a metal cup?

NO! Metal is a better conductor than plastic. The metal would stay warmer for a longer amount of time. The plastic would cool off faster

What will happen energetically to a cup of boiling hot water that is added to a cup containing a cold piece of metal?

choices are: The cold will flow from the metal into the hot water, causing the hot water to warm up and the metal to cool down. b. The energy from the hot water will flow into the cold metal, cooling the water down and heating up the metal. c. The cold will flow from the metal into the hot water, causing the hot water to cool down and the metal to warm up. d. The metal will cool down because the specific heat of water is high.

Why would a cup of hot tea with a metal spoon in itcool down faster that a cup of hot tea without a metal spoon?

Yes it would, the metal conducts the heat quickly

Tea cools more easily in clay cup ormetal cup or porcelain cup?

it will cool faster in a metal cup. - the others retain heat better.

Since a hot cup of coffee loses heat more rapidly than a lukewarm cup of coffee would it is correct to say that a hot cup of coffee will cool to room temperature before a lukewarm cup of coffee will?

A hot cup of coffee will cool down at a certain rate, but as the coffee cools, the rate at which it cools slows down. This is why a "lukewarm" cup of coffee cools down so slowly. Even though the warm cup of coffee is cooling down quicker at first, the lukewarm cup essentially has a "head start" on the way to room temperature.

What cup is easier to hold with hot water a plastic one or metal?

A plastic cup of hot water would be easier to hold than a metal cup. Most metals conduct heat, which would cause the water in the cup to heat the metal.

What type of mug will make boiling water cool down faster?

If the mug is made of glass, it will allow the water to cool faster. A thick styrofoam cup is better than a paper cup, even though the insulating properties of the materials are similar.

Why does it take longer for a metal spoon to cool down than a cup?

A substance cools down as the heat dissipates into the surrounding environment. The contact with the air allows this. The cup, having a greater amount of surface area relative to its volume, cools off faster than the spoon will.

Which of the following would have the best thermal conductor properties a thick mug or a cup made of metal?

A cup made of metal

Which of the following would have the best thermal insulation properties?

A down-filled coat

What are the examples of superstitous beliefs with scientific basic?

Examples of such beliefs would be:1. Place a spoon on your coffee cup to cool it faster! *reason, heat is transferred to the metal spoon faster than it is transferred to the cup. 2. Warm air goes up, cool air goes down *reason, check the fridge when you open it at midnight, the air form it crawls down to your feet. Also, lit candle melts down then freeze, but the smoke goes up all the way.

Will water freeze faster in a plastic cup or a metal cup?

Water in a metal cup will freeze faster because metal conducts coldness and energy the most. trust me, I did a project with a metal, plastic, glass, and paper to see which cup would freeze the quickest. Hopefully this answer helped.

If you put a cup of hot chocolate at 90 on a table in a room kept at 25 you know it will cool down?

Ofcourse it will cool down! the cup of hot chocolate isn't enough to heat the room, but the room is big enough and can cool down the cup. It's like putting an icecube in an oven. The icecube won't freeze the oven; the oven will melt the icecube.At 25 degrees the cup of hot chocolate will eventually freeze!!!!!

Does a cup of tea cool you down more than cold water?


Which of the following would have the best thermal conductor properties?

A cup made of metal. (Apex)

How much cool whip would equal one cup of whipped cream?

One cup

What would happen if warm tea was in a metal cup?

Type your answer here... the tea would make the would make the cup hot

Why does a cup of tea cool down quicker than a cup of coffee?

Since more milk is added to a cup of coffee than a cup of tea and since milk stays warmer longer than tea or coffee a cup of tea cools down quicker than a cup of coffee.

If given a metal container filled with ice waterwhat will form on the outside of the canwhere does it come from?

a condensation of water will form on the outside of the metal container. What really happens is the frigid temperature of the cup actually cool the air down that it comes in contact with and water droplets form.

What happens to the heat stored in the metal when the metal is poured into the Styrofoam cup of water?

it cools down. most metal transfers heat very quickly and to a large extent.

Will a liquid remaine hot longer in a plastic cup or in a metal cup?

It depends on which one radiates heat fastest. Since plastics are generally poor heat conductors, you'd expect the plastic cup to cool more slowly. But a thin plasic cup, painted black, may radiate more heat than a very shiny metal cup.

Which cup keeps water cooler metal or plastic cup?

metal cup because it has insulation

What is metal cup?

Wow, that's scary. A metal cup is a cup that is made out of metal. And a cup is a thing that can have water or any other liquids, solids, or gases in it. Metal is a thing that can be used to make motorcycles,bikes,cars,refridgerators,freezers, and lots of other stuff. And a metal cup can be used to make sound. Yes, fun with sound.

Which is the more flexible - paper cup or metal nail?

Of course a paper cup would be more flexible. Nails are hard to bend.

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