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Why are continental volcanoes associated with oceanic continental convergent boundaries?


Are subducting plate boundaries the same as convergent plate boundaries?

A subduction zone can be a result of a convergent plate boundary, but the terms are not synonymous. If the two convergent plates are continental, neither of them will subduct.

What kind of plate boundary has the most explosive volcanoes?

Convergent with the oceanic plate subducting under the continental plate.

How do the mountains that form along an oceanic-oceanic convergent boundary differ from those associated with an oceanic-continental convergent boundary?

In a oceanic-continentalconvergent boundaryyou normally get subduction , when one plate slides under another. In this case the plate subducting, or going under is the oceanic plate ( it is more dense ), so the mountains would be just of the continental plate. In aoceanic-oceanic convergent boundary the mountains would just be oceanic ( basalt).

Why do deep earthquakes occur only at ocean-ocean convergent boundaries and ocean-continental convergent boundaries?

Deep earthquakes occur in the Benioff zone as subducting oceanic plates slide downward into the asthenosphere. Because continental-continental convergent boundaries do not involve subduction, there are no deep earthquakes.

What continental mountain ranges are usually associated with?

convergent bounderies

Continental volcanic arcs are associated with what type of plate boundary?

convergent oceanic-continental boundary

What is the chain of volcanoes called that forms at a convergent boundary between a subducting oceanic plate and a continental plate what type of volcano commonly forms-?

This is called a continental volcanic arc.

What boundary are continental mountain ranges associated with?

Convergent plate margins.

Types of convergent boundaries?

Oceanic-oceanic convergent boundary, Oceanic-continental convergent boundary, Continental-continental convergent boundary.

Continental mountain ranges are usually associated with what type of boundary?

Convergent plate boundary.

What are the three types of convergent plate boundries?

Oceanic-oceanic convergent boundary, continental-oceanic convergent boundary, and continental-continental convergent boundary.

What 3 collisions occur at a convergent boundary?

Oceanic-continental convergent boundary, Oceanic-oceanic convergent boundary, and Continental-continental convergent boundary.

What is subducting ocean plate?

An ocean plate is subducting if it is flowing under a less dense plate at a convergent plate boundary.

What is produced at continental continental convergent boundaries?

a convergent boundary

What type of boundaries are subduction zones associated with?

Convergent oceanic - continental and oceanic - oceanic boundaries.

What happens at convergent boundaries?

When two subducting boundaries come together.

What are the three types of convergent boundary?

There are 3 types of Convergent boundaries, they are; 1. Continental-continental convergent boundary. 2. Continental-oceanic convergent boundary. 3. Oceanic-oceanic convergent boundary.

What plate boundary is in the Himalayan mountains?

The Himalayas are associated with a convergent boundary between two continental plates.

Were the Zagros mountains formed because of a convergent boundary?

it is a convergent continental continental

What are 3 types of convergent boundaries?

Continental-continental, continental-oceanic and oceanic- oceanic convergent boundaries.

Do mountains form in the convergent boundary?

Yes, to be more specific a continental-continental convergent boundary.

What are the three sub-types of convergent plate boundries?

1. Oceanic-oceanic convergent plate boundary. 2. Continental-continental convergent plate boundary. and 3. Oceanic-continental convergent plate boundary.

What mountains formed at convergent boundaries?

The Himalayas are formed at a continental-continental convergent boundary.The Andes are formed at an oceanic-continental boundary.

What feature is associated with a continental plate boundary?

At a convergent plate boundary one of the features is mountains. Volcanoes are also typical.

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