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different shapes would mean different air resistance and weight both of which slow the car down the more there is

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Q: How would the shape of a car change the speed?
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Does the placement of the wheels on a car change the speed of the car?

The placement wouldn't affect the speed, but would affect the handling.

What overall change in the shape of a car would reduce the effect of air resistance?


If instantaneous speed doesn't change?

The car or object will move at that speed if the speed doesn't change. then what nothing the car will keep on moving with the same speed.

What control on a car can cause a change in velocity at constant speed?

The steering wheel can change the car's direction of motion, without changing speed.

Will paint effect the speed of a car?

Not as much as the shape of the car but different finishes do affect drag.

What do you need to know to determine the velocity of a moving object?

Velocity means speed and direction. If one car was travelling 60mph northwards and one car was travelling 60mph southwards, they would both have the same speed but they would have different velocities. Acceleration means a change in velocity; this could be a change in speed or direction or both.

What is the best shape of a car for speed?

well... if you have a longer car that is flatter it will have lift which lowers speed or it will lift off the ground.

What are two of the ways that the velocity of a car can change?

Change in direction change in speed

What two controls on a car change speed?

The brake pedal and the accelerator pedal can cause a change in speed.

What is tranceformer?

A transformer is something that can change its shape. Say, for instance, a car can change shape into a robot. Transformers are robots that can change into other things.

How would the velocity of an object change when the speed stays the same?

Velocity includes both speed and direction, so velocity will change when an object changes direction while maintaining it's speed. An example is a car at constant speed around a curve.

Does a car accelerate when it goes around a corner at a constant speed?

yes an acceleration is a change in speed and when you go around a corner you change your speed.