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That question is unaswerable because no one has ever been on Neptune. It would take alot of time for that to happen, if it will happen.

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Q: How would you build a house on planet Neptune?
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If you lived on Neptune the planet what kind of house would you have to make?

you wouldhave to live in a cool house

Who would win the planet uranus or the planet neptune?

Neptune, hands down. He is the greek god of water. :)

Which 2 planet is the farthest away from sun?

Neptune and Uranus. It would be Pluto and Neptune but pluto is no longer a planet it is a dwarf planet

What is the planet that is closest to Pluto?

That would be Neptune.

What would you see in planet Neptune?

you tell me

How close can you get to planet Neptune?

neptune is the eighth planet from the sun . Comment: You can get as close as you like, but you would need a very good spacecraft and it would take years to get there.

What is the Kannada word for 'Planet Neptune'?

In Kannada, we would say:Neptune Graha

Why would neptune be the best planet?

Depends on personal opinion which planet is best.

Which planet would affect last if there is no sun?

Neptune. It is the farthest planet from the sun.

If you lived on Neptune what would you eat?

Well if Neptune had life, we would have to build a McDonald's or Burger King.

Did anyone ever go to the planet of Neptune?

No, there have been no human landings on Neptune for the following reasons: - Technology. We currently do not have the technology to build space shuttles capable of travelling further than our own orbit and moon. - Temperature. Planet Neptune is freezing. Any human who gets close to the planet would freeze to death in seconds. Any electrical equipment would also freeze, jam and malfunction. - Distance. Neptune is millions of miles away. It would take years to get there if we had the capability to. However Neptune has been explored with unmanned exploration satellites.

Why would you like to fly to my planet Neptune?

to have the experiece

Which planet has the highest wind speeds?

That would be Neptune

Which planet would quickly kill you?

mars or neptune

What planet is hotter Mercury or Neptune?

It would be Mercury.

What planet is for the roman god of the sea?

That would be Neptune

Does Neptune have a black hole?

No. Neptune is a planet, so if it had a black hole on or around it, it would be pulled in.

What planet receives the least amount of insolation?

That would be Neptune, as it is the farthest planet from the sun.

Is Saturn the coolest planet?

If Pluto would be considered a planet, then that would be a planet, But now it is Neptune with Temp. as low as -300 degrees Celsius

On which planet would you weigh less than you do on earth?


Which planet would have the longest period of revolution?

Neptune or Uranus

What is the farthest planet from neptune?

In our Solar System it would be Mercury.

What would planet Neptune taste like?

it would taste like chicken :)

Which planet does not orbit the sun Venus or neptune or Jupiter or Saturn or Gemini?

It would have to be Gemini as there is no such planet.

Which planet would take the longest to revolve around the sun?

The planet that is farthest from the Sun - Neptune.