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to center your writing on my space you have to do this

<center>then your text

then every line u have after tht do

<br>in front of the first word and behind the last

hope u get it

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โˆ™ 2008-09-09 18:43:50
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Q: How would you center your writing on MySpace?
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How do you get your MySpace profile writing in the center?

&lt;center&gt;your writing here

How do you center your writing on myspace?

&lt;center&gt;&lt;/center&gt; put what you want to be centered between the &gt;&lt;

What is the code to move your writing on in the middle on MySpace?

I think you need the center code for that; &lt;center&gt; text here&lt;/center&gt; i hope this helps :]

Would you capitalize the word MySpace when writing about it?

Yes it should be capitalized.

What is a code to center your blurbs on MySpace?

it is &lt;center&gt; &lt;/center&gt;

How do you center your text as much as you want on Myspace?

"&lt;center&gt;" "&lt;center&gt;"

Myspace center code?

&lt;center&gt;text&lt;/center&gt; url=lalabrit0

What is the code to put everything in the center on your myspace?

it's &lt;center&gt;&lt;/center&gt;

Writing codes for MySpace?

what is the myspace code for the text with the line in the middle of it? (like this)

How do you get coloured writing on MySpace?

kimboooo :)

What is the MySpace code for writing in cursive?


How can you center the picture on your MySpace profile?

&lt;center&gt; put your pic code here &lt;/center&gt;

Is there a code to center your photos on MySpace?

yeah just put this in &lt;center&gt;

How do you center text in MySpace bulletins?

&lt;center&gt; just but that code at the top of the bulletin

How do you make myspace text centered?

&lt;center&gt;TYPE YOUR TEXT IN HERE&lt;/center&gt;

Is there a code that centers your text on MySpace?

You can center your text by Copy and Paste this: &lt;center&gt;ENTER TEXT&lt;/center&gt;

Center each sentence on your about you section on my myspace page?

&lt;center&gt; and to skip lines, put &lt;br&gt;

How do you make MySpace text center and not bunch up together?

put &lt;center&gt; before text

How do you find writing codes for MySpace?

On http:/ you can look up "MySpace Font Codes". There's alot of websites for that category.

How do you make your writing underlined on MySpace?

&lt;u&gt;YOUR TEXT HERE&lt;/u&gt;

What is a MySpace blog?

Blog = Web Log (journal entries, expressions through web logging on topics). Myspace Blog = writing your expressions or thoughts on topics on myspace. MySpace gives users the opportunity to blog through their platform. Essentially, your MYSpace blog is a blog located within your MySpace profile.

What would happen if you have a MySpace when you are 11?

you would be 11 and have a myspace account. nothing else.

Font codes for myspace?

&lt;b&gt; bold &lt;/b&gt; &lt;underline&gt; underline &lt;/underline&gt; &lt;center&gt; center &lt;/center&gt; &lt;big&gt; big &lt;/big&gt;

How do you make the writing colorful on MySpace?

go to profile editor or go to

How do you get your writing really small on MySpace?

you use the code &lt;small&gt; before the text and you just keep writing that over so like if you want really small writing it would be like &lt;small&gt;&lt;small&gt;&lt;small&gt;&lt;small&gt;&lt;small&gt; and you can you &lt;big&gt; as well and &lt;i&gt; for italic and you end the code by writing &lt;/i&gt;