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find a way to let them

know that you are responsible and not a baby and find a way to let them know that they can trust you

hope this helps and please give em a trust point :)


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Q: How would you deal with strict parents?
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How can I deal with strict parents?

Show them you are trustworthy and that you respect them. If they think you are mature enough, they might let you do more things.

Where do parents start to becume strict?

parents start to becume strict usualy at there household

Why parents are strict?

They want you to grow up to be the best possible person, to have a good job, live a good life, and not make some of the same mistakes they made. A strict parent is looking out for you compared to the parent who let's their children do anything they want.

Are Korean parents very strict with education?

Yes all Koreans parents are very strict with education.

When do parents becume strict?

well parents becume strict when the teen/children becume iresponsabile or dont listen

Are some parents too strict?

That is a matter of opinion. Some parents are stricter than others and a teenager always thinks their parents are too strict.

Are Jewish parents strict?

They're no more or less strict than most other parents, but Orthodox Jews are the strictest.

Were Tutankhamen parents strict?

Was king Tut a strict & cruel man? yes

What do strict parents do?

Strict parents show discipline to their children and are hard on them so the children will get good grades and learn what's good and what's wrong.Some strict parents also are hard on their children because of their childhood and emotions of it.

Do most parents control the game time that their kids get?

Yes, but i would kill if that happened to me and it dosent happen a lot only with strict parents.

What are the advantages of strict parents?

Strict parents don't tolerate any nonsense and let their children know from birth who's in charge.

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