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Q: How would you describe a cabinet?
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What member of the Lincoln cabinet used a derogatory word to describe President Lincoln?

Salmon P. Chase was the member of the Lincoln cabinet that used a derogatory word to describe the president.

Space in a cabinet is it square unit or units?

The space in a cabinet is the VOLUME of the cabinet. It would be cubic units.

What is a good cabinet for showing off a china collection?

The Metropolitan China Cabinet would be a nice cabinet.

What would be the expected cost of refacing a cabinet?

The cost to resurface a cabinet would depend on how large the cabinet is and what materials it is made up. For example, a cabinet constructed of synthetic materials such as treated plastic will cost less to resurface than a cabinet that is made of fine oak.

Is cabinet a noun pronoun verb or adjective?

The word 'cabinet' is a noun, a word for a thing.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence.The pronoun that takes the place of the noun 'cabinet' is it.Example: The cabinet is an antique. It was my grandmother's.A verb is a word for the action or a state being.Example: The cabinet is old. I painted it blue.An adjective is a word used to describe a noun.Example: The blue cabinet looks nice in your room.

How would Andrew Jackson solve his issues?

He would go to what people called his "kitchen cabinet." although he had appointed a formal cabinet, he would rarely use them. The people in the kitchen cabinet were a bunch of his friends that he asked their opinion.

Which repair items can be used in a cabinet hardware?

I would like to add a cabinet hardware to my garage. Which items can I put in this cabinet to help me with repairs?

Why do you think a prime minister would need a cabinet minister?

I think he/she would need a cabinet to help him/her to make decisions LOL:)

How much would a linen cabinet from IKEA cost?

A wooden and glass linen cabinet would be $299.00. It is red in color with two drawers at the top. The cabinet is 52' tall. This product requires assembly.

Where can one find tips online on cabinet refacing?

I would like to modify the cabinet I use in my room. Where can I find more information online on cabinet refacing?

What is the best way to store porcelin figurines?

The best way would be to put them in a dish cabinet, curio cabinet or any where they would be incased in glass.

What type of wood is the filing cabinet?

"This would have to depend on the specific filing cabinet in question. It could be pine or some other softwood, a hardwood like oak or maple in a deluxe cabinet or pressboard in a lower end cabinet. It may even not be wood at all, but instead metal. One would have to see the cabinet in question to determine for sure."