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Click the link to learn how to describe people. For a friendly person, you need to put down things that you think a friendly person would say and do.

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Q: How would you describe a friendly person?
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What is one word describing a caring person?

I would describe that person as being Friendly.

How would you describe the eagles from The Hobbit?


How would you describe leprechauns as friendly or mean?

friendly, cas i say so

What does Snehal mean?

The meaning of the name Snehal is friendly. As the name describes this name describe a jolly and friendly person

What is a word to describe a person good at networking?

Outgoing, charismatic, memorable, friendly...

How would you use an adjective in a sentence?

An adjective describes something. A person, a place, an idea, anything at all. How you would use it in a sentence is to describe something. For example, in the sentence below, the word friendly is the adjective.Sally was a friendly girl.The adjective word friendly, describes what Sally is like.

How would you describe a kind person?

A kind person is someone who is sweet,friendly,not very harsh on people,dosn't fight and supports a friend and soft approch dealing with problems

What adjective describes a person from Ireland?

The proper adjective to describe someone or something from Ireland is Irish, a proper adjective.

Is approachable a word to describe someone?

Yes, approachable can be used to describe a person. When used in this sense, it means friendly and easy to talk to.

What is a word used to describe a person who is very friendy and respects humanity?

There are many words used to describe a person who is friendly and respects humanity. Words such as respectful and ethical are just a couple. The person can also be described as dignified.

What phrases are used to describe a good personality?

Some phrases to describe a good personality include, makes friends easily, a real people-person, and always friendly. Other words include words such as outgoing, friendly, and vivacious.

What are some Adjectives to describe a nice person?

Friendly, good-natured, loving, caring, affable, well-mannered.