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Click the link to learn how to describe people. What do you think a person who laughs easily would be like?

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Q: How would you describe a person that is easy to laugh?
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How would you describe an athletic person?

A way to describe an athletic person is sports and physical activities generally come easy to them. They usually enjoy it too.

What words that can describe a person that starts with letter E?

Easy-going (?)

How do you make a sentence using word laugh?

Example sentence - It is easy to laugh with her.

Is approachable a word to describe someone?

Yes, approachable can be used to describe a person. When used in this sense, it means friendly and easy to talk to.

How would you describe Mariah Carey's life?

Not as easy as everyone thinks.

What is an easy way to describe data networks to someone just entering the field?

The best and easiest ways to describe data networks to a beginner would be to use lots of diagrams and pictures for easy explaining. Tell the person step by step the process that they need to follow, and answer any questions that they might have.

How can you describe the color royal blue to a blind person?

It is not very easy to describe a color to someone who is blind. I mean you can't even describe black and that is what they look at all the time.

How do you describe your brother?

You describe everything the same way ... show what your senses would tell you about that person or thing. What does your brother look like? What does he act like? How does he talk and walk and move? What is he like as a person based on what you've seen and heard?

How do you beat dying of laughter in Lego batman?

easy you don't laugh

Why do people cry at funerals?

They wail because they must've been close or had some sort of relatilonship with that person. They feel as if that person will be longed, and be missed. So it is easy to get sentimental. Hope that helped!

How can you tell if your friend does not want to talk to you?

easy!! she will walk away when you come by....she will roll her eyes at you.....she wont awnser your texts.....and she will laugh with another person :) ..... plus if shes not talking to you it will get better :)

How would you describe a hot guy?

Easy, two words: Eduardo Losoyo. The sexiest man alive.