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How would you describe asteroid?


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Astroids can be discribed a medorid because its one of the two things that creates a metorid


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An asteroid is a rocky object, too small to be considered a planet, in an elliptical orbit around the sun.

an asteroid is a huge or a small irregular rock which orbits a star and is made up of metals

Then a human would arrive at an asteroid.

It would depend on the size of the asteroid.

This is a very vague question. Best that can be done is describe an asteroid. Asteroids very greatly in size, some are as large as planets. Asteroids generally have an irregular shape (Not rounded by its own gravity like a planet.) Most known asteroids lie within the asteroid belt, but many do not have a regular orbit. I would say, the closest thing to an asteroid, would be a meteoroid, which is basically a small asteroid and is often just a piece that has broken off of an asteroid.

Our moon is not in the asteroid belt. No planet's moon is in the asteroid belt or it would not be a moon.

There would no longer be an asteroid.

In Kannada, we would say:Chukkiaakarada

An asteroid-sized chunk of rock with a tail would be a comet.

Not quite sure what you mean with hang from it; the asteroid would attract the building (much less so than Earth does, but still), so the asteroid would be "downward" for anybody close to the asteroid.In principle there is no reason why you couldn't build something on an asteroid, but that would not "hang... from the asteroid".

No, if the Earth was destroyed by an asteroid we would not be living today.

It would be destroyed, depending on the size of the asteroid.

The asteroid belt is not a single object. You would have to assess the gravity on each asteroid individually.

It couldn't as it's mass causes it to be spherical. To be like an asteroid, it would have to be the size of an asteroid, and then life would never have started. You would never have been born, and this question would never have existed.

This would depend on a number of factors, including:The exact mass and size of the asteroidWhere it hits the EarthThe trajectory of the asteroidThe initial velocity of the asteroidThe density of the asteroidPotential damage that an asteroid can cause includes:Damage from blast wavesDamage from resulting earthquakesDamage from resulting firesDamage from tidal waves if the asteroid hits a body of water

If the asteroid is more than about 5 miles in diameter, the devastation would be worldwide. There would be nothing that anyone could do.

The asteroid belt is a region of space between Mars and Jupiter.

The asteroid belt is located between Mars and Jupiter.

A black hole would eventually swallow up the entire Earth. An asteroid would provoke great catastrophes - depending, of course, on the mass of the asteroid.

It is FAR easier to change the direction of an asteroid than to blow it up. All that is needed to accomplish the former is to nudge the asteroid a little off its collision course with Earth, and this could be done with some small explosions on the side of that asteroid. Blowing up an asteroid would be a complete waste of energy.

Which asteroid? depending on its size, an asteroid impact could be devastating for life on Earth, though life would recover somehow eventually.

An asteroid could never travel from the Sun to the Earth.

The Impact of an asteroid on other planet that there would be big collisions or clashes between them.

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