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A small cat, around 30 pounds, very arboreal, hunting birds and rodents in the trees and on the ground. Very beautiful coat, light yellow brown with stripes and rosettes, and very large eyes for good night vision.

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Q: How would you describe ocelots?
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Do ocelots give birth to animals?

Ocelots give birth to baby ocelots.

What is the ocelots habitar?

what is the ocelots habitat

Do ocelots attack ocelots?


What do ocelots eat in Minecraft?


Can ocelots run fast?

Like most cats, they can run fast, but ocelots are expert climbers, and would certainly take to the trees if danger threatened.

How can you describe an ocelots habitat?

swamps, dry scrub lands, & humid tropical forests.One forest they live in is the Amazon rainforest.

What season of the year do ocelots migrate?

Ocelots do not migrate.

What family do ocelots in?

Ocelots are cats, in the family Felidae.

What are cuter ocelots or wolves?

Ocelots are cuter to ocelots & wolves are cuter to wolves. Otherwise, they might never mate!

Do ocelots eat fish?

If ocelots can get it then, yes they do eat fish!

What do baby ocelots look like?

mini adult ocelots

Why are ocelots endangerd?

y r ocelots becoming endangered

Which animals eat ocelots?

Pumas are known to attack ocelots.

What is a pack of ocelots called?

Ocelots don't live in packs

How can ocelots be saved from extinction?

A lot of people believe that the ocelots have every special fur, if that becomes extinct then ocelots won't be extincted.

What eats ocelots?

Snakes, Eagles, jaguars and lions eat Ocelots :)

Do ocelots live in packs?

No. Ocelots, like most cats, are solitary.

Is it illegal to hunt ocelots?

It is illegal to hunt ocelots.....but why? Idont Know.

Are ocelots nocturnal?

Yes, most Ocelots are more active at night.

Do ocelots eat people?

No, ocelots are not known to be maneaters. They will avoid humans.

Do ocelots live in the rainforest?

Yes, ocelots live in the rainforests.

Can you have pet ocelots in Colorado?

Ocelots are an endangered species and it is not legal to have them as pets.

How do male ocelots attract female ocelots?

Ocelot males (Leopardus pardius) attract chicks with their odor. If you read the one with some facts bout ocelots I made, you know ocelots are the world's smelliest cats.

Do ocelots live in the Amazon rainforest?

Do Ocelots love in the Amazon Tropical rainforest

How much do ocelots weight?

ocelots generlly weigh about 22 to 35 pounds