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How would you describe what happened on the night that Macbeth murdered Duncan?


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Macbeth stabbed King Duncan and his two royal guards to death. That night, Banquo and his son spoke about the lack of a moon and the presence of heavy wind [Act 2 Scene 1 Lines 2, 4-5]. The next morning, Ross and an Old Man also spoke of atypical weather and animal behavior. Specifically, Ross referred to the pitch blackness of the day [Act 2 Scene 4 Lines 5-10]. The Old Man, in turn, spoke of the unexpected killing of a facon by a mere mousing owl [Lines 10-12]. Then Ross brought up the weird happening of the King's horses suddenly turning wild and breaking loose from their stalls [Lines 16-18]. The Old Man concluded with the shocking news that the horses had eaten each other [Line 18].