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the setting in Romeo and Juliet is like old style from back on the days

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How would you describe Mercutio from Romeo and Juliet?

a total scumbag. what a silly question.

In Romeo and Juliet describe the interview between Juliet's nurse and Romeo?

the interview was very straight forward. romeo told Juliet's nurse that he wants to marry Juliet and he told he that if Juliet really loved him she would agree to it.

What language did Romeo and Juliet speak was it Russian or what?

No, it was not Russian. The play was originally written in English, but the setting is Italy, so Romeo and Juliet would presumably have been speaking Italian.

How would you describe tybalts personality from romeo and Juliet?

I would say Tybalt is warlike, hateful, impulsive and misunderstood.

What type of pet does Juliet wish Romeo could be in Romeo and Juliet?

A bird. Romeo says, "I would I were thy bird" and Juliet says "Sweet, so would I".

Why Romeo and Juliet hide their love?

The families of Romeo and Juliet would not have approved of their love.

How does Juliet describe Romeo?

When she wants to ask the nurse about him and she has to point him out, she says, "What's he that follows there, that would not dance?". So there it is--Romeo is the guy who wouldn't dance.

Why would you like to recommended Romeo and Juliet?

I would like to recommend Romeo and Juliet because their love was eternal.

In Romeo and Juliet how does benvolio and Montague describe the way Romeo was acting?

Benvolio would say Romeo was acting heartwrenchinly sad. Mercutio would say that Romeo thinks he's sad but he's just being horomonal

What would Romeo say to Juliet in Romeo and Juliet?

If you watch the play, you can find out exactly what he does say to her.

Why is it difficult for Romeo and Juliet to Marry?

Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers. Their families were feuding and would not have wanted Romeo and Juliet to marry, therefore they had to do it in secret.

What does Friar Laurence say romeo and Juliet would do after Juliet awakens?

After Juliet wakes up, Romeo is supposed to take her to Mantua

What are some songs that would relate to Romeo and Juliet?

"(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet" by The Reflections or "Romeo and Juliet" by Dire Straits or "Love Story" by Taylor Swift

What kind of jobs would Romeo and Juliet have today?

Considering that Romeo and Juliet were both children of ruling classes, the chances of them having jobs in our modern setting is remote at best. The most likely occupations they would find themselves in would be a musician in Romeo's case, and in Juliet's, a philanthropist.

What would have Romeo and Juliet have worn?

Since Romeo and Juliet are not real people and the setting is not specified in the text, they can wear whatever you think will work. T-shirts and jeans work for me. Others think mostly robes and cloaks in brown and red.

What is the subplot of Romeo and Juliet?

The subplot of romeo and Juliet is that there families hate each other. The plot would be Romeo and Juliet's love story.

Three action words describing star-croosed lovers Romeo and Juliet?

The answer to this question.... it would be... relating to the three themes involved in this play.. romeo and Juliet answer according to this would be.... LOVE HATE FATE these are the three things that would describe star-crossed lovers

Who was William Shakespeare's favorite play character?

I would think Romeo or Juliet. Romeo for his compasion and Juliet for her intelligence.

How does romeo act after he meets Juliet?

Romeo fell in love when he met juliet so i think that he would be romantic

How much does romeo love Juliet in romeo x Juliet?

he would die for her. thats how much he loves her. and he did die for her.

What is the Paradox in Romeo and Juliet Act 1?

A Paradox in Romeo and Juliet Act 1 would be when Romeo is going to see Rosaline and being so in love with her, and then suddenly falling for Juliet.

What did the apothecary give Juliet in Romeo and Juliet?

The apothecary didn't give Juliet anything. He sold poison to Romeo, not Juliet. It was Friar Lawrence who gave Juliet a type of potion that, when she would drink it, would make her seem dead.

Why did lord Capulet invite Paris to his party?

Capulet was setting Paris up with Juliet. He invited Paris to the party so Juliet would have a chance to look him over, and Paris would have a chance to get to know Juliet. But that didn't really happen because Juliet found Romeo instead.

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