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How would you distinguish states from government?

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Distinguish between unitary and federal government?

Unitary and federal governments are very similar. The roles of power distinguish them. Federal government has direct power over the states. Unitary government allows states control as long as they uphold federal laws.

Why do you think the smaller states oppose the western claims of the larger states?

Because the larger states would have too much representation in the government. The smaller states were worried that they would loose their power in the government.

What if the states had more power than the national government?

Then the states would have more power than the national government.

What system of government is power divided?

Federalism is a system of government where power is divided between the federal government and the states. The United States would be an example of this kind of government.

Distinguish state from government?

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Who would have the power to regulate the slave trade the national government or the states?

The National Government

What is the weakness of an confederation government system?

In the confederal form of government, the national government gets its power from the states. The weakness with this form is that the national government can only reach states in mandates that are issued, not individuals. For example, if the country goes to war, the national government in a confederation would not be authorized to hold a draft. Instead, the national government would have to rely on states to round up citizens for war. The same would apply to taxes. The nat. government would only be able penalize states rather than being able to penalize individuals directly. This is recognized in the US government only up to the point that states are authorized to do whatever is not explicitly stated otherwise in the Constitution.

How would distinguish a healthful meal from unhealthful one?

i would distinguish whether it was healthy or not based on what is in it or what it's made with

Why were the 13states feared any kind of national what?

The 13 states feared a national government that would control the states. The states wanted the government to have limited power, and to have checks and balances.

How has categorical grants increase the power of the federal government?

Another example of federal government taking states power would be the new ways of controlling the states spending, the government now gave out categorical grants from which it could control how the states spent this money. For some states the government was giving out over $200 billion dollars from which 90% of this would be categorical grants and the federal government would regulate how it was spent. The states therefore were restricted on what they could spend the money on and this further showed an increase in federal government's power.

Distinguish between local and federal government?

Federal government is in control of all the states within it's boundaries. Local government is a sub division of government which each state is in control of themselves. Even though local can set it's own laws, federal government can and will almost always override local laws.

Who gives power to the government?

The People give the government power, and the constitution states this. The A.O.C. ( Articles of Confederation ) gave more power to the states, in which the states would make their own money, people chose if they wanted to pay taxes, and created a weak central government. Now, with the constitution, this would change.

Why would loosing the border states damage the North?

It would leave the union's government surrounded.

What issues had to be overcome so that the states would ratify the new constitution?

States were hesitant about ratifying the new Constitution because they were skeptical of the federal system of government. The states had to be convinced that even though they would cede some power to the federal government, the overall outcome would be positive.

Why would the States purposely create a weak government under the Articles?

The states were afraid of having another tyrannical government like England was, so they tried to make the government weak to prevent corruption.

How would you experimentally distinguish between an acid and a base?

You would have to look at the nurk of the base and the whapple of the acid and i it is an xx and yy it would distinguish because then it dismanages it but otherwise if it is xy yx then it physicaly can't distinguish experimentally without tasting it.

Where would you find information concerning the states and their relationship with the federal government?

You can find information concerning the states and their relationship with the federal government in Article IV of the U.S. Constitution.

Write sentence with the word distinguish?

Would you distinguish between what a good answer may be vs what a bad answer may be?

Plan for national government where states would keep their freedom and independence?


What fears did the federalists papers address?

They feared that the government would overpower the states

What is the religion of Connecticut?

No governmental entity in the United States has a religious attribute. It is against the Constitution of the United States and if a government were to adopt an official religion it would become an illegal government.

Is the government important to America's future?

Yes. Without a government, the United States would not be anything more than an anarchy.

What is a sentence using the word distinguish?

Distinguish is similar in meaning to differentiate. An example would be, teachers use tests to distinguish between successful students and unsuccessful students.

What would the united states government be like presently if the south would have won the civil war?

The US government would be at least two different countries. The South would have successfully seceded into the Confederacy.

What would happen without states' rights?

There would only be a national government, meaning all laws would be the same throughout the nation and all government would be held in Washington, D.C.