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How would you get to India?

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What would be India now if the britisher's had not invaded India?

India would still be India.

What does India export from China?

India would import from China or China would export to India.

Had there been no Himalayas how India would have been?

a -India would have been flooded with water . b - India would have been as cold as Tibet. c- monsoons would not have blown at all.

What you could do to make India a happy country?

what you would do to make India a happy country what you would do to make India a happy country

Which country would you say is better Pakistan or India?


What continent would India be found on?

India is on the continent of Asia.

What would have happened if the British did not invade India?

If India had not been invaded by British it would have not been industrialized. It anyway would have been captured by some other country. it Would have not been developed. Pakistan and India would not have separated and there might have been no terrorism and INDIA might be still rich.

How do you get a record deal in America if you are in India?

Why would you need a record deal frm america, if you are in India? You could just get it from India. Otherwise, you would have to travel to america, but that would not be worth the trip.

Where would India be in 100bc?

it would be in antartica

What would happen to India if monsoons dont occur?

the land would dry crops would die and india would very hot in tempuature.

How would you say India in French?

India is spelled 'Inde' in French.

What would happen if India attack on Pakistan?

The answer is simple............... the india will be finished

What would you hear in India?

It may vary depending on your location in India

Do sun bears attack India?

Sun Bears do not live in India. And if they do, they WOULD NOT attack India. Dunno

How would India differ if gupta rulers didn't take it over?

India would be in many partshuns would take over!

What would happen if India would not able to get independence?

If India did not make indpendence they would be the worst thing happen to the Asia goods and cloths have been exported from India to other Asian coutries and Pakistan and Bangladesh would not be build India would face very bad loss and they could not export there product because all would be taken by the britishers

What 2 countries was India divided into?

That would be India (Hindu) and Pakistan (Islam).

Which ocean would you have to cross if you wanted to travel from Eastern Africa to India?

You would have to cross the Indian ocean to get to India

What would have happen if India had not got its freedom?

India would look like USA,UK with much less poverty . Our leaders were over-confident and now india sucks to the core

Why was British India divided into India and Pakistan-?

British India was divided in India and Pakistan because it was a big place. This would make the population go down.

How did Islam influence architecture in India?

I'm thinking it would have to be Islamic Sacred Geometry that would have been an influence in architecture in India..

What would be the tallest building in India?

the imperial a pair of residential skyscrapers in Mumbai, India

What would be the time in India if it's 2.30 pm gmt?

8pm india time

Which ocean is India closest to?

The colosest ocean towards India would be the Aribbean sea

Who is the best army in India?

As India has only one army it would have to be the Indian army

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