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Well, in Hoenn games, you can't! That's why they put the battle frontier(in emerald) and battle tower in.(ruby and sapphire) In Kanto, You can't get to Hoenn or Johto. That's why they put the islands there, and in Johto, you can go to Kanto! I know, it's no fair! Well, it is really, because they don't have any other special things, like Kanto and Hoenn do.

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Q: How would you get to Kanto or Johto?
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Is cerulean city in johto or kanto?

it is in kanto

Would which Pokemon region was first Kanto or johto?

Kanto Region Was First

Can you go to Jhoto or Kanto from hoenn in Pokemon emerald?

No but in Pokemon crystal you can go from johto to kanto to johto etc.!!!

Pewter city in Pokemon gold is in Kanto or johto?


Is Kanto johto hoenn Sinnoh and unova pokemon?

No, Unova, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto are not pokemon, but are the reigons of ¨pokemon world.¨

Is kanto the home region in HeartGold?

No, it johto, but it also includes Kanto

What is the rarest Pokemon from johto in Kanto?

I would have to say Celebi as it was only in a Japanese event.

Why can't you get over to the Kanto region anymore in Pokemon soul silver?

If your in johto, to get to kanto you need to fly to the Pokemon league. From the Pokemon league you can fly anywhere across the map, johto or kanto

What is johto?

Johto is another region..just like kanto and hoenn..when u play silver/gold/crystal, you are in johto.

Why can't I fly to Kanto after defeating Red?

well, i assume that after defeating red, you are at mt. silver, which is considered part of johto. the only way to get from johto to kanto is to fly to the elite 4 and then fly to kanto from there.

How to get to kanto in Pokemon HeartGold?

In Heart Gold and Soul Silver you start of in Johto. So to get to Kanto you have to defeat all 8 gyms in Johto and defeat the Elite 4 and the Champion - then you will get access to the Kanto region.

Where do you catch Mareep?

The Kanto or Johto region.

What region is heart gold?

Johto and kanto

What regions are in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Johto and Kanto

What region is heart gold in?

johto and kanto

What regions can you go to in HeartGold?

Kanto and Johto.

How many Pokemon in johto?

about 251. (johto and kanto together since they are linked regions/storyline)

How do you get from Kanto to Johto Regions in leaf green?

You don't johto does not feature in leaf green version.

Do you go to all regions in soul silver?

No, you start out in the Johto, then you go to the Kanto. Once you finsh the game, you should have 16 Badges. 8 from Kanto and 8 from Johto.

Is there any other region except Kanto and johto Pokemon?

I'm afraid not, unless there is a code you can use that I don't know about. But if there isn't a cheat code, Kanto and Johto are the only regions.

How do you get to johto from kanto?

In kanto in silver gold and crystal go to go to the city with the harbor or if you got the train to work go to it and it take syou to goldenrod city in like five seconds! to gto to kanto do the same in johto

Can you fly from Kanto to Johto on Pokemon silver?

No. However, you can travel between Johto and Kanto via the S. S. Anne and the Magnet Train (if you have fixed the power plant). You can also fly to either Kanto or Johto from the Pokemon League, I find it to be an effective middle ground for travel between regions

Where can you catch a lickatounge in Kanto Pokemon gold?

I don't think it's in Kanto. only in johto

When will Nintendo finally make a Pokemon game when you can travel between all of the regions Hoen Kanto Isshu Sinnoh and Johto?

I'm not sure if they would do that but it sure would be cool. All I know is you would travel like ash first kanto then johto and then Hoenn next sinhoh last unova

Pokemon Gold Kanto?

Pokemon gold johto

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