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Placing A wanted add.

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Q: How would you go about getting an agent for an acting career?
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How do you get an acting agent?

by attending auditions with an acting agent company and impressing an agent with your skill forsingingperformingactingdancingthey do not only judge you for your looks but your desire and ambistion to get a career in acting e.t.cTo get an acting agent, you need to mail your photo to different agencies, and if they would like to see you, they will call you after a couple of days or weeks. Then you go in and meet them, and then they will ask you to do a play monologue. Now, how to get an acting agent? Simple. Search in Google Acting Agencies in (whatever town you live in) And click on one. And some advice. Do not email your photo to them! You can, but some agencies are very strict and would not like an emailed photo and would like it delivered to there location. And u don't need to do the Google thing. You can go to a near by drama store and buy some "Acting Agencies" books and there will be loads of names of agencies. That's how I got my acting agent. And also, the play monologue is important so don't forget that part either! Best wishes in your acting career!! :)ORRR... go to an acting school?

Can you start acting an acting career at 13 without a agent?

yea but that would be very hard because i act on Jonas and trust its hard... well i started out with no agent my parents had to bring me to places far away from home to try to audition

Who overviews models?

If a model has an agency, then it is their agent that overviews the model's career and the type of work they take on. If a model freelances, this means he/she is acting as his/her own agent so in that situation, no one would really be overviewing the model's career except the model him/herself.

What are opinions about Cara or Madelyn Gosselin pursuing and acting career?

There is no current information on either Cara or Madelyn Gosselin officially pursuing an acting career. When they were younger, their mom did take them to an agent to gather more information on a possible acting and modeling career. More recently she has been vocal that Madelyn should pursue, or would like to career in the spotlight. Time will tell, of course, but the entire family is ahead of the curve with their extensive work in front of the camera.

Is having acting lessons good experience for a furture acting career?

Yes of course. You should always have good experiance. This is because if you get up to an audition and you are scared to death you would feel horrible. i have a very long resume and I am young and have an agent.

How does 16 year old girl with no agent or previous acting exprience pursue an acting career?

Get some experience and make sure you even like to act first. The easiest way by far is to try out for your school plays. No agent in the universe would take on someone with absolutely zero experience, so take care of that first.

Would an agent help me get acting auditions?

Some agents can help you get acting auditions. Most reputable agents won't take you on until you've had mild success on your own. Your best bet when starting your acting career is to knock on as many doors as possible and attend as many open casting calls as you can.

How do you get a acting job?

What I would do is start by auditioning for your school musicals or plays. Try to go for getting the one of the main roles. If you can do this, then maybe find a performing arts camp that you can go to. I know that Appel Fam and French Woods are good ones. Try those and see what you can do with that. After you have become really comfortable with that, maybe try to find yourself an agent who you can work with to get a career in acting later on.

What do you have to do to be an actress?

To get far in acting the person would have to obviously be good at acting, and must be extremely patient. If you are an inexperienced actor then you would have to start by being extras, applying for drama schools, and getting as much auditions as possible. It requires lots or perseverance because they are unemployed a lot of the time, but as long as you are willing to persevere are serious about it and have a natural talent for acting, have head-shots etc then that would be extremely useful for an acting career.

Where would Ronald Reagan be without his acting career?

He would still have been a politician I believe. Just not as successful.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an acting career?

The advantages of an acting career would be the potential for a high salary, the ability to express yourself, and networking with other actors to further develop your skills and overall experience. A disadvantage of acting is the competition. Most of the time you will have to audition for roles in movies and plays.

How do you get acting auditions?

You can get auditions in many different ways. If you would like to be a T.V or movie actor, getting an agent will be helpful. They know people in the industry that have auditions. If you are more of a stage actor, and want to make a living off it(broadway, etc...) an agent would be helpful. If you do not want serious acting jobs, you can always look for parts in community theatre programs. And remember, if you are a talented actor, getting work will easy. Finding auditions are hard, that is why serious actors hire agents

What high school classes would help you prepare for an acting career?

Ask your teacher about a Theatre class.

How would you describe the principal-agent model of relationships?

The principal-agent model of relationships refers to an arrangement whereby one party, acting as an agent for another, carries out certain functions on behalf of that other.

What was Demi Lovatos insperation to act?

Demi Lovato originally wanted to sing, she figured that if she started an acting career she would eventually be able to make a singing career out of it

When did Chloe moretz acting career start?

Her older brother Trevor went to school for acting and he has always been her coach. She would guest star and have small parts in movies and shows but her career rose when she starred as Chelsea Lutz in The Amityville Horror.

Does Robert Pattinson enjoy acting?

why would he act if he did not like acting but from what the are saying he does not like all the attention he is getting from the fans as he is shy. =D

What does stone cold Steve Austin do now?

Stone Cold Steve Austin: A true WWE&WWF Legend!He took that all away to start on his acting career!So right now Stone Cold is working on his acting career!XD Now who would do that?

Facts about being an actress?

You would have to take a college drama course. After that you would need to find a mentor and drama coach. They will help you in you next goal to find a agent. Your agent should be able to find you opportunities to show of your acting skills.

Which is the best career training course that would help me get a job ?

The best career training course that would help you get a job is getting a bachelor or master degree at a good college.

How can you become a Disney channel star when you only live in Australia and im only 13 but you just want to b on some shows?

get an agent. and he or she would get you there. An AGENT is the Key to get in the acting busyness. they ll get you to Disney ,also just try your best and send in a video of you acting or singing or whatever your talent is to get on to Disney

Is the rock on raw tonight?

The Rock is pursuing his acting career and is no more an active WWE wrestler. So he would not be part of Raw tonight.

How did Isabelle Fuhrman become famous?

She was pretty and people took pictures of her and she would smile a lot? (Different Person): She became famous because her big sister Madeline Fuhrman auditioned for roles for Cartoon Network. When Madeline got the roles, the other people that were apart of cartoon network noticed Isabelle waiting for her sister, and said that she should get an acting agent. Isabelle then got an acting agent, and got many roles in cartoon network, commercials, TV shows, and films. That is how her career begun.

What kinds of jobs did Leonardo DiCaprio have?

so far in his life he pretty much only has an acting career but if he wouldn't be an actor he would be a biologist or an oceanographer.

Will Demi Lovato come back on So Random?

It's likely that she won't, but if she decides to restart her acting career it would be a good place to start.