How would you go about getting your product into retail stores?

I would recommend contacting the local district office, and from there, it will trickle down to the stores. One of the best ways is to exhibit in a temporary "Wholesale to the Trade" show. Dallas Market Center, LA Mart (Los Angeles) Atlanta Merchandise Mart, All these have websites. Retailers go to these to purchase for their stores. Sometimes you have to distribute a few samples just like sending in free promotional items and corporate gifts and when the retail stores like it or see some possibilities for a big sale for your product, then that's the time they come asking for more. Although promotional items and corporate gifts are really of a different perspective as your own business product because they are usually given for free, it could be a good start to use this strategy.

It is a very important move to let potential buyers know about your product and if you cannot launch it with a small capital, then you can always resort to sampling them to retails stores in some consignment basis where you only get paid per sale and the retails store owners get a cut on your sales.