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"Ex" means you are no longer associated with that person. You are second-guessing his feelings and if he's going with some else he is over you. I am sorry to have to tell you this, but want you to know almost everyone has been hurt by someone they love and sometimes we lose, sometimes we win, but we have to move on. Your relationship wasn't all bad so at least you know you both have some good memories of each other. There is someone special out there for you.

2006-09-04 07:34:31
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What if she has feelings for someone else?

Then let her know of these feelings, if she still insists her feelings for another person, let her have him.

What do you do when you broke up with your boyfriend because he cheated on you but you still have feelings for him?

Make him jealous by going out with someone else, love him anyway or slap and find someone else that you can grow to have feelings for.

How do you tell a guy that your confused on your feelings because you have feelings for someone else?

"sorry, i like someone else" sincerely.

What if your ex broke up with you but now has a problem with you dating someone else?

Thay still have feelings for you there jealous

Why marry someone when you know you still have strong feelings for someone else and you think they love you too?

To waste your time I guess, if you already know these things then that would be pretty silly thing to go ahead with that.

Is it wrong to flirt a guy when in a relationship?

First ask yourself, If he was flirting with someone else would I like it? Most guys that have feelings for you will not like you flirting with someone else.

What do you do when you a boy likes you but you like someone else?

if i were you i would say sorry i really like someone else but we can still be friends.

What would you do if you were going out with someone but you fancied someone else before you were going out?

I've been in this situation.I had an insane crush on a guy and when another guy asked me out,I wasn't sure what to do.How could I pretend to like this guy when I still had feelings for the other one?However,I was very honest with the guy that asked me out,telling him that I still had feelings for another guy but would like to spend time getting to know him.That relationship wound up lasting for a year.Eventually the feelings I had for the "crush" were replaced by a very powerful love for someone else-through honesty.

What do you do if someone likes you but at the same time they like someone else?

This is precisely the situation I have found myself in today, and I have come to the conclusion that although it hurts, I cannot stop my boyfriend from having feelings for someone else. But he also has feelings for me, and these are the feelings which count.

What if the person you love is in love with someone else?

Then you can tell them if they are available. If they are with someone else then it would be best to not share your feelings for that person out loud. You will be the one that is hurt in the end, unfortunately. Good luck!

What happens if someone else asked someone else who they like?

Nothing! That someone if wants to share his feelings about the one he/she likes, would surely tell you something about him or her, but if that someone wants to maintain the privacy level, he/she will not reveal anything to you. Simple!

How do you kno if your ex boyfriend is still in love with you when he is seeing someone else?

he would be with you now if he loved you, not someone else, you need to move on with your life

How do you get rid of a friend but not hurt her feelings?

Play with someone else

How can I tell my ex that I still like her if she is dating someone else She broke it off with me and I have no idea why?

If you still have feelings for your ex, you can try talking to her about how you feel, but if she broke things off without telling you why, you will need to ask yourself i it worth going back to someone who would treat you that way.

Does that mean a guy is not that into you if he's liked you for over a year and still is but doesn't ask you out?

The guy still likes you but he is just too shy to share his feelings. Maybe the personhe likes has a crush on someone else he cant share his feelings.

Do girls cry when a guy stops liking them and ignores them?

That depends on how strong the girl's feelings were. No matter whether boy or girl, if they have strong feelings for someone else and that someone hurts those feelings by ignoring them, crying would be normal and actually good.

I went out with my friend once and it didn't work out now am going out with someone else but all i can think about it my other friend what should i do?

Are you sure that you don't still have feelings for your friend or is just that you miss how close you are? i think you need to decide because its not fair on your new boyfriend/girlfriend if you have feelings for someone else.

You asked this boy to dance and he said sorry no and now your feelings are mixed up but you still like him what do you do?

try again or look for someone else

Can someone still love you if you left him for someone else in the past and then got back together?

It's possible but it will never be the same. They may still love you but once you hurt them like that,there will always be some hard feelings.

If you and your boyfriend broke up some 4 months ago and now you're dating someone else but in doing so you realized you still have feelings for your ex what would you do?

You shopuld ask yourself is it fair on your current boyfriend if you are not completely committed to the relationship and still have feelings for your ex. Maybe it is too soon after your break-up to have another relationship and you still have some feelings that you need time to deal with.

What do you do when you go out with someone you like and you like someone else?

You cannot be with either person until you sort your feelings out as you cannot be in a relationship while having feelings for someone else. Yes, as i found out when i was younger, when you like someone else your feelings for them rule over your feelings for the person that you are actually going out with and they can see that so when the bomb finally drops your bf/gf will be hurt much more than if you had dumped them nicely before.

I fancy this boy but he said im too young for him but i still have feelings for him what do?

if this boy is to old for you and doesent have feelings for should just find someone else that is your age and forget about the last one.

How do you get your roommate to fall for you even though he still loves his ex who is four states away?

You cannot make someone feel something they don't and especially when there heart is with someone else. It is best to leave things at this time as even if he gave into your advances it would just be a rebound and not feelings for you but still for his ex. Give him some time and space to get over these feelings and then see where things go from there.

How do you stop loving a person you have a lot feelings for?

find someone else

How do you stop your feelings for this girl?

try to get over her and go out with someone else