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There is an area 50km above the surface where the temperature and pressure are Earth-like, the winds circle the planet in 100-hour "days", and the gravity is just less than earth-like. Because the gases there are heavier than Earth's atmosphere, there is the possibility of "floating cities" kept in place and following the prevailing winds much like present day hot air balloons.

But you would need oxygen, food, and materials from Earth to be shipped to you. In return, you could use abundant solar energy and sulfuric acid as resources for your own industries.

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Where would you stay if you went to Venus?

if i went to venus i would live in the mountains.

What would it be like to live on venus?

You would choke and burn

Can people live on Venus'?

No, no one can live on Venus!

What is uninhabitable on planet Venus?

Venus doesn't have any oxygen or water on it and it would be too hot for anybody to live there

Why is it not good to live on Venus?

Venus does not have the correct requirements that we need in order to live on it. Venus has no Oxygen so survival would be minimal and without any trees/crops we'd also die of starvation.

What would you need to live on venus?

You would need plants, water, food, and every thing to live there. You would need some kind of life. And venus ould have to be away from the sun, it would have to move to the 5th planet in the universe, since it so close.

What kind of animal would live on Venus?

No animal that lives on earth could survive on Venus. Any life form that could survive on Venus is alien to us and any description would be purely speculation.

Do Venus Flytraps live in Wetlands?

Yes, Venus Flytraps do live in Wetlands.

Could venus be a good planet to live on?

no it could not because venus is mainly a desert no water food or shelter so it would not!!

Can a human live on Venus?

Yes, but you would have to have oxygen, food, and other things neede to live, shipped to you from earth.

Is there living things that live on Venus?

no living things can not live in Venus Because Venus might fry you like some Fry's.

Which planet would be the worst planet to live on?

The worst planet to live would defenetly be Venus because its the second hottest planet in the solar system

What types of accommodations or modifications to one's lifestyle would be necessary to live on venus?


Can we live on Venus the 2nd planet from the Sun?

NO u cant live on venus because it has no oxygen....

What layer of the rainforest does the venus fly trap live?

what layer does the Venus fly trap live in

What is one reason human would not live on Venus?

Venus is much too hot for human life, even with really good air conditioners.

What special things do you need to live on venus?

There are many unique things about this planet, one of them being that it is hotter than ... This fact obviously made scientists think twice about have Venus be a breathable atmosphere. ... Now, would you still like to live on the planet Venus? ...

Can you get plants to live on Venus?

No. Venus is far too hot.

Can you live on the planet Venus?

No, you cannot live on the planet Venus. Venus is the second closest planet to the sun which means that the environment is extremely hot and unbearable for any type of life to live on it.

How would Venus look like if humans lived at Venus?

Humans can't live on Venus. There is no oxygen to speak of, and the temperature is 860 F. There is a heavy cloud cover of sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid, so there is no visibility of the stars from Venus.

Could people live on Venus for one day?

Yes you could live on Venus for a day but you would have to prepare for it you would have to send a plant called aglee to venus that would suck up all the carbon and let out oxygen then after that most of venuses heat could escape than rain could come and create oceans and eventully the clouds might move out of the waty and than the sun could shine on Venus

Why life is unlike on Venus?

Because, there was not enough air and water on Venus. It is also too hot to live on Venus, because there are green house gases that trapped around Venus, so don't go to Venus and don't live there!

What modifications would be needed for people to live on Venus?

There would need to be oxygen, less heat and less inclimate weather.

Do people live on venus?


Can animals live on Venus?


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