How would you prepare for an earthquake?


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if the earthquake is unexpected i would run to the safest place and drop cover and hold.

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you have at least 1 hour to prepare for an earthquake

The best way to prepare for an Earthquake is to secure all of your belongings. Be prepared for shaking and flying objects.

what should your response to an earthquake be?

People living in earthquake regions should prepare with emergency kits because an earthquake may happen at anytime.

they should prepare for earthquakes because an earthquake may occur at any time

nope, the only way to prepare is always wear a safety helmet

they use earthquake kits, MEDCs build earthquake proof buildings and use earthquake proof tables.

the japanesse remember the kobe earthquake and prepare for others.

I did not realize that one could "prepare" for an earthquake. It was my understanding that they are very sudden.

Practice earthquake drills regularly and make sure you have an earthquake kit that would supply you and your family with food and water for up to 3 days.

Unfortunately, the people of Japan had no time to prepare, as the quake happened abruptly and unexpectedly. (Also, you spelled prepare wrong.)

You cannot stop an earthquake. It is a force of nature over which man has no control. All man can do is prepare for an earthquake, and ensure his buildings are as stable as they possibly can be.

make sure you have a safe place to hide

There are quite a few different ways in which people can prepare for Earthquakes. If they cannot leave they can secure their items.

It can help them prepare if an earthquake was ever coming.

make sure you live on a strudy structure.have a first aid kit.

kill yourself cause you ain't getting out of it or survive

people in Kobe can prepare by getting protective gears in school which they have done. Rebuild houses and building to make them more earthquake resistant and to make sure there is not fault in anything so it does not cause things such as fires!

People cannot really predict when a volcano or earthquake will strike. But if they do know there will be one they should evacuate. In earthquake-prone areas, buildings are constructed to withstand strong earthquake forces.

The theme of the story is that you should prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

You kind of can. Earthquakes are unpredictable, but if you keep supplies ready for emergencies you will be prepared.

PredictionProtectionPreparationAll of these are for earthquake protection.

No.. there is not going to be an actual earthquake, they are carrting out a drill, to show people how to prepare for a big earthquake if it were to ever happen. use the link to find out more check out here

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