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Lions are renown for their ferocity when confronted .

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Q: How would you put ferocity in a sentence?
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Use ferocity in a sentence?

His ferocity was freighting.

How can you put the word ferocity in a sentence?

Ferocity of the fire had soldered the remains to the vehicle. That barrage had yet to unfold in its full ferocity.If you understand the word, 'ferocious', think of ferocity as 'ferocious-ness'.

How do you use ferocity in a sentence?

You cant since ferocity is a noun, it wont be able to be in a sentence

Sentence using the word ferocity?

The wolf attacked with incredible ferocity.

What is a sentence for ferocity?

The ferocity of the storm kept us at home in front of the fire.

How do you use the word ferocity in a sentence?

(Another word for ferocity is ferociousness, being fierce, cruel or savage.) "I decided to stay away from the jungle because of the ferocity of the cannibals who lived there." "His eyes conveyed his ferocity as the enemy approached."

Sentences for ferocity?

I had decided to stay away from the jungle because of the ferocity of the cannibals who lived there. I hope this sentence might help you.

What is a sentence for the word ferocity?

It was a perfectly innocent question, so the ferocity of his response surprised us, and suggested that he was hiding something.A wounded animal, even a smaller one, can display remarkable ferocity.

What is the antonym and synonym of ferocity?

antonym for ferocity would be tame or calm; synonym would be vicious, brutal, wild, dangerous

Can you use how in a sentence?

How would you like me to put that in a sentence?

How would you period in a sentence?

At the end of this sentence we had to put a period.

How would you put adverse in a sentence?

Here is a sentence with adverse in it.

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