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I think it would look something like this: ويندي

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وندى it ends up sounding more like windy or wundy depending on what accent you put on the first letter.

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Q: How would you say Wendy in Arabic or write it?
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How do you say george in Arabic?

To translate the name George using the Arabic alphabet, one would write جورج.

How do you say i am is in Arabic?

I am = ana ( in Arabic ). And in Arabic you write it this way : أنا

How do you say Jeremiah in Arabic?

The name Jeremiah has an Arabic equivalent: Irmiyah (إرميا) If you wish to phonetically write Jeremiah it would be: Jirimiyah (جيريميا)

How do you say 'disbeliever' in Arabic?

To say 'disbeliever' in Arabic, you would say 'kaffir.'

How do you say pink in Arabic?

Say zahri but if you want to write it this is it. وردي

How do you say and write Monica in Arabic or Libanese?

Monica in Arabic letters would be: Munikaa (مونيكا)

How do you say hen in Arabic?

There is no Arabic "translation" of Henry, but you can write the English name in Arabic letters: هنري i

How do you say 'day' in Arabic?

al ayam

How do you say donuts in Arabic?

To say "dessert" in Arabic, one would say "halwaa" which is spelled in the Arabic alphabet as حلوى.

Is Wendy a good name for a yorkie?

I would say no, because Wendy is not yorkie-like.

How do you say write back to me in Arabic?

الكتابة بالنسبة لي عودة

How do you say professor in arabic?

It is pronounced ustaath but you write it like this أستاذ...