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Grabbing a snow cone

This is so simple. I can sell ice to an eskimo by saying. "Oh, Mr. you have a hole in your roof, do you like to buy an ice to cover the hole?"

gosh. this is so simple...

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How can you sell ice in eskimo?

You bring the eskimo in tropical climate and he will ask you to sell him ice ;) ... simple

How would you sell a camel to an eskimo?

for the fur

How do you sell an ice to an alascan eskimo?

You don't. It's just not a wise thing to do, really.

How do you a sell ice quib to a eskimo?

It's spelled 'cube', not quib. And you don't, because eskimos aren't idiots.

How much training does a car salesman need?

about 6 minutes, if you can sell ice to an eskimo then you wouldn't need training at all

Made with berries and lard and fish and is called Eskimo?

Eskimo Ice Cream

How would you sell ice cream to an eskimo?

Point out that your ice is vitamin and mineral enriched. Also, while still bagged it will stay clean. Tell him that the ice has a mango flavor. and that the mango only grow in tropical countries. so for sure they havent tasted it yet. Steam the ice cream. good remedy for economic recession. Start by not referring to him as an Eskimo. The Inuit do not like it. then, just give him a taste.

How do you sell a bunch of fire to Satan?

You do not. This comes from a saying that a good salesman could sell fire to Satan. It is similar to a salesman is so good at their job that they could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo.

Is it profitable to sell snow to the eskimos?

eskimo is politically incorrect, call them inuits, an no, there would be no profit

What is the filling of an Eskimo Pie?

ice cream

Is eskimo ice cream icy and creamy?


What is another name for Eskimo?

helado or ice cream

What is a Eskimo shelter made out of ice called?

an igloo

Who sells ice to the eskimo?

they make there own ice blocks. I do. I am the greatest salesman ever.

Why do Eskimo she build their igloos from snow not ice?

how am I supposed to know

How would you sell a refrigerator to an eskimo?

Tell him or her that it keeps his or her stuff warmer than what the outside temperature is than where they live. Probably.

An Alaskan dish of berrieslard and fish is called an eskimo what?

ice cream

What year did Eskimo pie invent the ice cream on a stick?


What is the name of an eskimo ' s inuit ice shelter?


How will you sell a cold water to an Eskimo?

That's easy. You wait until the Eskimo is thirsty, which is when the person has a need for it. Needs drive most of sales.

How can you sell ice in Iceland?

how do you sell ice in an iceland

What is the name of Eskimo house build of ice cubes?

It's called an igloo.

What is Eskimo ice cream made out of?

Same thing regular ice cream is made of. Sugar, milk, vanilla, etc.

What do eskimo people use for water?

They use water for water, and they get it by melting snow or ice.

How long will the ice in your drink take to melt so you can drink root beer flavored ice water?

i luv the eskimo peopel