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How would you spell lose as in win or lose?

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lose (r)

best way to remember it, if you lose then you are a loser

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Who would win bardock or piccolo?

Starting with his fusion with Nail, Piccolo would win. Before that, he would lose.

What is a lose-win?

You win physically but lose mentally

Is lose a noun antonym for victory?

"Lose" would be an antonym for "win". "Defeat" would b e an antonym for "Victory".

Did Finland win the Cold War?

Well...... if you look at this way, both would win and lose

What is an antonym for the word lose?

Win is an antonym for lose. Gain is an antonym for lose.

Who would win electro vs sandman vs Dr octopus vs green goblin vs rhino vs venom?

sandman would lose to green goblin who would lose to dr. octopus who would lose to rhino who would lose to venom who would lose to: Electro. Why? He's the only one who doesn't have to move to win, and he beat all of them before, ESPECIALLY sandman and venom!

Who would win in a fight with me and you?

Me. Marine Corps veteran, we don't lose.

Why do people say you lose?

Lose is the opposite of win. If someone says "you lose," they mean you didn't win.

Who would win King Kong or mighty joe young?

the trailer for mighty joe young said kong would lose but I think kong would win

Flash vs Batman who will win?


Who would win a scorpion or a snail?

snail because scorpions lose direction

Who would win in a fight a shark or a panther?

In the water the shark would win, on land the shark would die anyway.

Who would win Superman or zeus?

Superman would lose, Zeus is immortal. Superman can be killed with Kryptonite.

Who did redskins play in the Super Bowl?

the dolphins,(win) the bills,(win) the broncos,(win) the raiders,(lose) the dolphins,(lose)

Opposite of win?

The opposite of win is... lose.

How can Cincinnati Bengals make playoffs?

If the Bengals win their final two games and the Jets lose one of their final two then the Bengals would win based on a better overall record. The Bengals can make the playoffs if they lose to Arizona and beat Baltimore but the Jets would have to lose to the Dolphins.

Do you get paid on the amazing race?

no if u win the challenge you win if u lose u lose

What is the win-lose status of the colts?

52% lose 48% win in 67571 votes

Who would win an ox or 2 gorillas?

Gorillas are not predators. Thus, neither parties would win or lose because both would rather leave each other alone.

Who would win in a fight Richard Simmons or Gaudy?

Learn how to spell it's Richard Simmons

What would win - a gorilla or a lion?

Against a male lion, the gorilla would lose. A lioness would be an even match.

Who will win if India and china go to war?

No one would win especially if either of them uses nuclear weapons. The whole world will lose.

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