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i like water skiing.

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Q: How would you use water skiing in a sentence?
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How do you use skiing in a sentence?

While I was skiing I slipped on some ice and toppled over into the snow.

Could you please use residents in a sentence?

The residents of Maine enjoy skiing.

How do you use water for leisure?

Swimming, boating, water skiing, etc.

How do you use substrate in a sentence?

The mosquitos will substrate on the water surface. Another good sentence would be, the minnows get their nourishment from the substrate of the water.

How do you use at ease in a sentence?

Example sentence - The water in the lake was cold and we would need to ease ourselves into it.

How would you use convert in a sentence?

you convert water to ice by freezing it

How would you use refraction in a sentence?

The location of the fish in the water is not where it seems to be, due to the refraction of light in the water.

How would you use erode in a sentence?

the rushing water cause the hill to erode

How would you use gushes in a sentence?

When water gushes over a cliff we get a waterfall.

How can you use Switzerland in a sentence?

Let's go skiing in Switzerland this year! This tasty chocolate came from Switzerland.

How would you use the word henceforth in a sentence?

We are short of water, and henceforth cannot go on.

What would be the best why to use immerse in a sentence?

Read the instructions on whether you can immerse it in water.

How would you use consecrated in a sentence?

The priest consecrated the home by blessing it with holy water.

How would you use trickle in a sentence?

it is so beautiful watching the water trickle from the stream.

Use bayou in a sentence?

A bayou is a certain type of body of water. An example sentence would be: She absolutely loves living by the bayou.

How would you use theory in a sentence?

How would you use theory in a sentence

How would you use democracy in a sentence?

how would you use the word demacracy in a sentence?

How do you use reduction in a sentence?

Reduction of wasting water would be better for our planet and us people.

How would you use the word day and night in a sentence?

Fire and water are as different as day and night.

How would you use ideally in a sentence?

Ideally, you should drink 8 cups of water per day. Another good sentence would be, she would ideally, like to weight only 100 pounds.

How and which ways people use mountains?

People use mountains to live in for a start to get away from the town also to get the cleanest purist water for your house and they would have to pay less bills. Also they use them for attractions in the winter like skiing and wildlife shows.

How can you use ratio in a sentence?

A ratio is a proportional relationship between two numbers or quantities. An example sentence would be: The ratio of water to land is astounding.

Who is Ralph Samuelson?

He was the inventor of water skiing. Use the link below to get more information on him.

How would you use the word pathetic in a sentence?

'The dog looked pathetic with water dripping down its fur'.

Is skiing a participle word?

Depending on the use of it, it can be Present participle (I am skiing), or Gerund (Skiing is my favorite sport).