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How you can get Pokémon from Diamond and Pearl at Pokemon Fire Red?

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I didn't fully understand your question, but if it was meant to mean 'How do you get Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl onto Pokemon Ruby?' the answer is you can't. However, you can put Pokemon from Ruby onto d or p. You need pal park to do this. Hope this helps!

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How do you get the legendary birds in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you have to take it from Pokemon fire red or leaf green...they are not actually in the storyline for Pokemon diamond and pearl

How do you get a Rotom in Pokemon FireRed?

You cnnot catch it in Pokemon fire red ,but you can catch it in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.If you want it to be in your fire red,you will have to migrate it from your Diamond/pearl to your fire red.

How many fire attacks are in Pokemon platinum?

There are 18 Fire Attacks in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

How do you get a Pokémon from Pokémon Pearl to Pokémon Fire R ed?

this is not possible you can only get Pokemon from fire red to pearl. You can only get Pokemon to pearl from another pearl version or diamond version.

Can you trade Pokemon from leaf green or fire red to pearl or diamond?

No, you can only migrate them to Pearl or Diamond, you don't trade them.

How do you get a ninetales in Pokemon diamond and pearl?

give a fire stone to a vulpix

Can you get ebve on Pokemon Pearl?

If your talking about EEVEE , No you cant ,You can only get it in Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red ,Then you can Migrate it into Pokemon Pearl ( Or Diamond )

How do you you trade Pokemon from Pearl Diamond to FireRed LeafGreen?

You can't. You can only trade Pokemon from Fire Red or Leaf Green to Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. It just doesn't work the other way around.

Can you trade Pokemon from fire red version to diamond version?

no no You can migrate Pokemon from any GBA game to Diamond or Pearl, but not trade. you still get the Pokemon on diamond but you will not put new Pokemon in red

How do you get a darkria in Pokemon FireRed?

you can't get darkrai in Pokemon fire red or leaf green because it is a Pokemon from diamond and pearl

Where Can you Find Eevee in Pokemon Silver?

You have to trade it from Fire Red or Diamond/Pearl I believe.

How to get Arceus in Pokemon FireRed?

impossible. you can't get in fire red but you can get it from trading from Diamond/Pearl

How do you get fire stone in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you can get as many as you want you have to search for it underground of sinnoh

Where can you get a Lugia in pokemon daimond?

Answer: You can't get it in Diamond.You can't get it in Diamond or Pearl. You need to catch it in Emerald, Leaf Green, Fire Red, or other GBA games and then migrate Lugia to Diamond/Pearl. Note: You can't migrate a Pokemon from a GB Pokemon game.

Where to get Charizard in platinum?

There is no way of getting a Charizard in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. You can transfer a Charmander from Fire Red to your copy of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. A Charmander, Charmillion and Charizard can all be found in Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver as a wild pokemon.

Do you have to see all the Pokemon on diamond to import Pokemon from fire red?

all u need is the national pokedex in pearl or diamond to import them u must have it

Best place to find a fire stone on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

undergruond mineing in walls

Where is Infernape in Pokemon FireRed?

Urmmm... you can't get in fire red....... only in diamond, pearl and platinum.

How do you get electubuzz in diamond and pearl?

you migrate one over from Pokemon leaf green or fire red...

Where is iron island on Pokemon Fire Red?

iron island is only in diamond,pearl, and platinum

Can lickitung evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

No, Lickitung can not evolve in Fire Red or any Pokemon game before Diamond and Pearl.

What are the fire type Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl after you get the national pokedex?

just remember all the fire types on all the eirler Pokemon vertions, those are all of them on the national.

How can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond to leafgreen?

u can migrate Pokemon from fire red, leaf green, ruby, sapphire, and emerald to diamond, pearl, and platinum but not the other way around.

Is the union room worldwide on Pokemon emerald fire red and leaf green?

No, it isn't. It only is on Pokemon diamond/pearl version.

How do you catch Charmander in Diomond Pearl?

Charmander is a fire type of Pokemon. It is not possible to catch one in the wild in Pokemon Diamond version.