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dont do any work idot!!

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Q: How you can get a bad grades?
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What grades did chad johnson get?

bad grades.

Does drake Parker get good grades?

No he does not get good grades he gets bad grades!

What do you do with bad grades on your report card?

Go to summerschool, and follow the teacher's directions. He/She may make up for those bad grades and change them to the grades you want.

If you get a no dress code will your schools get bad grades or good grades?

The grades will stay the same. Grades don't depend on clothes.

How many kids have bad grades from moving?

It is usally a 9 out of 10 chance that a child will have bad grades after moving.

If you have had bad grades what should you do to get your phone back?

Bring up your grades, asap.

What is the short buss?

It's when you are a bad student or if you have bad grades.

Can bad grades get you into a good callage?


How do you control your bad grades?


What happens if you get bad grades?

You will be in trouble.

How do you make your parents not take anything away if you show them bad grades?

get better grades

How do you get your parents to give you your iPod back if you had bad grades?

try earning better grades