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By the way he treats her, he treats her sweetly, always wants to be around her, and when shes not around he is still faithful to her. (talks nice about her and stands up for her)

its simple there is no difference in girl or boy!!! how a girl express her love. same way boy express his. for example/ even he looks at you with that sweet little eye. he behave like a gentle man in front of you. ask you to help you in studies. or makes you laughs everytime. AND GIVES that sweet cute smile.

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I love this boy but he has a girlfriend and he loves her not me and i can't stop loving him what do i do?

Let him know you like him.

What does it mean when a guy tells you he loves you but he has a girlfriend?

I think it means this boy loves you more as a friend or he wants you instead of his current girlfriend. It either means that he loves you but not enough to end it with his girlfriend or that he loves you but he doesn't want to hurt her.

Why does your mutual crush act shyer around you now than she did in the past?

it means she loves you and wants you to ask her to be your girlfriend. believe me i know a girl who loves a boy so much!

Is it bad when a boy tells you he loves you 4 2 days but has a girlfriend and wont idmet that he told you he loves you?

Yes, it is bad. Do not trust this boy.

How do you know your vietnamese girlfriend loves you?

you dont

What do you do if you dont know if your girlfriend still loves you?

if you do not know that your girlfriend loves you, you should try asking her if she love you or you should ask her if she likes someone else

How do you tell if a teenage boy loves his girlfriend?

well the way he is treating her

How do you know your girlfriend loves you?

you know how your gurlfriends loves you because she cant put itinto words how she feels about you.

How do you know that your girlfriend love you?

You will know that your girlfriend loves you if she tells you so but more importantly, if she shows you that she loves you. If she lets you know that she is thinking of you when you're not around each other, if she does little things to surprise you and if she makes you happy, then she loves you.

How do you know that your girlfriend really loves you?

just ask her

How do you know your girlfriend still loves her ex?

If she tells you.

Is it possible for a boy to be afraid to tell his girlfriend he loves her for the first time?

Ask him.

How do you make you boyfriend happy?

As a boy I know that when my girlfriend says she loves me and lets me do what I want sometimes instead of seeing or txting her it makes me happy. I was also happy when my girlfriend decided not to run away.

How can you know that the boy loves you?

he smiles at you, copies you

Where can you find a love quote about a boy you love who has a girlfriend who you think loves you too?

"He loves her, and she loves him, and he loves somebody else, you just can't win" from the song "Love Stinks"

What to do if your girlfriend ignores you but you know she loves you and you love her?

she wants you to follow her

How will you know that your ex girlfriend still loves you?

You don't, but if she is then that is her problem. It is your ex-girlfriend, you should have moved on.

How do you know if your girlfriend still loves you?

You know if your girlfriend still loves you if she does something for you. Love is not sweet words but it is deeds. If she ever really loved you, she will have sacrificed herself in little ways just for you. If she never cared about you, she never loved you.If you don't know now that she loves you, then you know she doesn't. It should be obvious.

How do you know if your girlfriend loves you?

Tell her how you feel; then ask her how she feels.You can find out if your girlfriend loves you in a few different ways. The best way to find out would be to ask her.

How do you know a boy loves you when you already have a boyfriend?

You don't.

Your ex has a new girlfriend i know he loves you why is he doing this?

he is simply confused

How do you know if a guy still loves you even though you dont go with him an he has a girlfriend and a baby?

He has a girlfriend so it wont matter if he loves you or not. He clearly does not care enough about you to leave.

Your girlfriend loves it when you touch her but you dont know what the next step is or when to go with it?

You have to speak to your girlfriend about the situation and see what she is ready to do.

How do you know if a boy likes you as a friend or a girlfriend?


What if you like a boy but doesnt know if he has a girlfriend?

ask him