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To view hidden files in Windows XP: -Open up My Computer -Click the Tools menu -Click Folder Options -Click the View tab -Under "Hidden Files and Folders" choose "Show Hidden Files and Folders" If you need to do this in any other version of Windows and it's different from XP, let me know and I'll get that info to ASAP!

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Q: How you get hidden files again in a just cleaned hard drive?
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How do you show hidden file from a flash drives?

If you can't see a hidden files of a flash drives , you can do the following steps: - If you want those files >> please try to download a virus program that can fix and remove viruses from your flash drives then try to open it again. - If the files that you want to show is not important >> then do format for your flash drive to remove all files and clean your flash drive.

What is the difference between hidden files and system files?

System files are files the operating system needs to function (and they may be hidden). Hidden files are those files that are not displayed when you show a directory listing. A file can be both a system file and a hidden file, but a hidden file does not have to be a system file, nor does a system file need to be hidden.

From command prompt how do you display hidden files?

To access hidden files from command prompt, go to start, and in the search box, type "cmd", then enter. From there, click start, computer, my computer and look for F drive. Type F, then enter. Then type attrib -s -h -r /s /d, and hit enter. Go to your F drive and you should be able to see the hidden files.

When was Hidden Files created?

Hidden Files was created on 2009-02-24.

Would the ls -a command show hidden files?

Yes, in Linux or Unix, this command will show all files including hidden files in the current directoryl. In general, hidden files are files whose name begins with a period "."

If you remove hidden and useless files from your hard drive will it delete aim and things like that?

Typically hidden files are never useless, that's why there hidden, to prevent people from deleting important system files. Aim and other programs normally do not hide their files. But windows (XP, Vista, etc.) hide files to prevent deletion. This is because they are vital to the operation of the OS (operating system.) I would recommend that you do not ever delete hidden files, unless you are fully aware of what the file is used for and are sure that it won't impact the stability of your system.

How are files hidden in Linux?

Files in unix operating systems with a '.' character as the first character in the filename are hidden.

Where is ndltr located?

You mispelled it. It's ntldr. To anwer your question, it's found on the root of your system drive, which in most cases is your C: drive. The file is normally hidden from view. You will have to configure Windows Explorer to show you hidden files and folders.

How do you delete hidden files using batch scripts?

You can just delete hidden files with the same del command, but since the files are hidden you need to map the location of the hidden folder in the command so the batch file knows where to look and delete. @Echo off del "location of hidden files and/or folders" /Q /F /S exit

There are hidden files on your computer that are taking up space how do you delete them?

Hidden files are normally Windows System files so you definitely don't want to delete them!

Why are hidden files on a DOS disk?

Hidden files are files stored on the disk, but which do not show up when you list a directory of the disk.In DOS, you normally type the command DIR to view the files on a disk. If you would like to see hidden file names, use the command DIR /AH (A=Attribute; H=Hidden).

How do you unhide files from a flash drive?

To unhidden you files, you have to go to RUN -> CMD go to the directory where you your hidden files are located. example "E:" and type attrib -s -h /s /d *.* hope this helps! for step by step guide, please proceed here: -

What MS-DOS command can display hidden files?

The attrib command is capable of displaying files that have been marked as hidden.

What Linux command lists hidden files and file attributes?

ls -al list hidden file also.Hidden files starting with "."

How do you open the hidden files in windows 7?

go to my computer, select the organise option,select the view option from organise, select the "show hidden files & folder" click in apply and then ok, your hidden files will be shown where they are shaved.

How can you see your hidden data from your D drive?

Go to the Control Panel and search for Folder options. Then open View tab. Clear the check boxes for hidden folders. Leave the check box on hidden system files unless you absolutely need it.

How do you remove a Trojan dll with a persistent registry entry?

If the registry entry is persistent, you have a hidden process running. The only way to get rid of this is to physically remove the hard drive from the computer and install it as a slave drive in another one (with an antivirus program, of course!). First scan the drive with the antivirus program. Then open Windows Explorer, then go to Tools -> Folder Options. In the Folder Options box, click the View tab. Select "Show hidden Files and Folders", apply, and OK. Browse to the drive and open the Windows folder. Legitimate Windows .exe and .dll files are not hidden, nor are legitimate program files. You can safely delete any hidden .exe or .dll files. If your not sure, Google or Live Search the EXACT file name. Legitimate Windows file names are well documented. It will be time consuming, but you will be able to get rid of it with this method eventually.

How many hidden folders are on this computer?

Tools - Folder options and click View Tab. Enabling the option Show hidden files and folders will reveal you all those hidden files.

How do you view hidden files in Windows 98?

Open my computer, tools, folder options, view. Select show hidden files and folders

How do you access hidden files and folders?

go to control pannel click on folder option ,click view click show hidden files

How can i see system folders?

Let me start by saying that you may NOT want to do this. System files are hidden for a reason and unless you know what you are doing (and since you are asking such a basic question, I assume you don't) I'd suggest leaving them hidden. But to answer your question double click My computer and then double click your C drive. click on Tools in the menu bar and then click on Folder Options. A window will open, click on the view tab at the top. Towa5rds the bottom of that window you'll see an option for Hidden files and folders. In there you have two options. Show or don't show. Click the show option and then click apply and OK. There you will now see your system and hidden files. Again I suggest you DO NOT do this.

How do you erase a computer hidden icon?

Be careful with hidden files. Some system files are hidden for a good reason. I will assume you use Windows : 1. Open Windows Explorer; 2. Click on Tools; 3. Click on Folder Options ..; 4. Click on View tab; 5. Click on Hidden files and folders; 6. Select Show hidden files and folders; 7. Click OK; 8. Delete the icon; 9. Set option back to Do not show hidden files and folders (for security reason if you are not the only one using the computer).

Can you transfer files using a flash drive and still have the files left on your computer hard drive?

I guess if you copy the files or option drag the sites Certainly. Copy the files and paste them to the flash drive. They stay on your hard drive.

How do you monitor all hidden files in Windows XP?

Hello, It's easy. Open my computer,go to tools on the top of the window. Click the view tab at the top. Double click the hidden files and folders icon. Click the show hidden files button.

Which MS-DOS command can display hidden files?

If you just want to display the hidden files, run following command: dir /ah this will show you all hidden files and folders.. However if you want to change the attributes permanently, use attrib command..