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use the lobster when u go to the lighthouse.

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Look up walkthrough for big nate island on youtube!

you get the lobster from captain salty then go up to the tip top of the light house, the yo use i as a wrench to turn towards the bird then it flies away

There is no ladder that is movable on Big Nate Island. You can jump up anywhere by finding the proper path.

there are all over big nate and if you go up the wire pole you can find five of the comics' pitcure

You go to the science room in Big Nate and mix blue and yellow and turn the heat to 3.

They are to get the dog to dig up the time capsule .

You don't have to there is not a comic up there!

dive underwater find the lobster give it to the old man he says you can keep it go up the lighthouse find the light pinch the lobster with and see what's next

Digging up the time capsule is the last part of Big Nate island. It will not come out of the hole, so you have to click on the shiny clasp. (see solution question below)

First you need the keys to the ski jet. Go up the lighthouse to the painter and ask him to see through his telescope. Look through and use your mouse to go right and up. You will see a paper wedged between a rock. Go down and click on the ski jet. Nate will run up to you and you start racing.

The largest bird is the ostrich, and they can up to about six foot nine inches.

"Big Nate Island" was released by Poptropica on February 12, 2009."Nabooti Island" was released on December 11, 2008."Astro Knights Island" was pre-released on June 3, 2009.To sign up for e-mail alerts on new games, see link below.For help in solving Big Nate Island, see the Big Nate link.(for walkthroughs, see related questions)

The Toucan can get up to 24 inches.

They do not help cows because birds are to small and cows are to big and a bird is to tiny and cow too big for a small bird to pick up but a cow can pick up a small bird because a bird is small remember tell me how a bird can help a cow because it will not be right

you go up to the clubhouse and play jailhouse. you get the crackers when you win

You have to get the dog to dig up holes at the Playground ( It can be anywhere in the park)

you jump up and then you see them if that's any help then there u go

No that's Up North near Coffs. It's Big.

definitely Goku.... Goku is in almost everyones childhood memories.. ppl forget about big bird overtime. everyone wants to be like goku.. no one looks up to big bird that i kno of

Climb up on the lighthouse and jump out. (see related question)

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