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select the configure tool if there is one at the bottom of ur screen. Click on brick. set- transparent- 0 or 100 i dont rlly no.

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Q: How you make the template invisible on roblox?
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How do you make a template for a building game in Roblox?

click configure for your game and then pick a template

How do you make your torso invisible in roblox?

You cant.

How do you become invisible on Roblox?

In ROBLOX, you can't turn invisible until and unless if you get a tool which turns you invisible or a giver with a tool which makes you invisible.

In roblox how do you make things invisible?

Go to roblox studio. Then go to your place in edit mode. After that make sure the explorer and properties windows are open. Then click on the brick you want invisible and in the properties box scroll down until you see transparency. Set it to 1 then its invisible.

How do you make shirts transparent on Roblox?

Search "transparent roblox" on Google. The first thing to come up is a tutorial. Click the second link BELOW that, and there is a free roblox transparent shirt template in there.

How do you make really cool shirts and pants on Roblox?

To make shirts and pants you must have Builders Club. If you have Builders Club, you can make shirts and pants using your favorite image editing program. Just download the template from the Roblox shirt upload page, and edit the template to make a shirt or pair of pants that looks like whatever you want. You can then upload the item to Roblox from the shirt or pants upload page.

How do you be invisible in Roblox?

You Can't ever be invisible. It is only possible if someone was a special giver that makes you invisible or a invisible cloak giver.

How do you make an invisible shirt on ROBLOX?

just go to my places and ill tell u when they get popular and im daxboy88

How do you download the shirt template for roblox?

Go on shirt template 1st next you open the web link for the shirt template and desghint check out www.cheesy children

How do you get the roblox shirt template?

You need to go to Create Shirt and then save as then color and edit it.

Who Made Khols Admin in roblox?

Khols Made Khols Admin/InfAdmin/Template

How do you make shirt on Roblox?

You have to have BC TBC or OBC to make shirts and or pants. You go to my roblox then character then click shirts and then create. Click the shirt template then copy the template, and bring it to a drawing device like paint from Microsoft office, paste it on there and then draw what you want and save and go back to roblox and click browse and put in your drawing of the template. THERE WAS HOW TO MAKE A SHIRT OR PANTS!