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"Cześć moje imię jes nicolettka" . Pronouced (Ch-esh moy-yah em-nie yest nicolette-ka ).

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Q: How you say hi my name nicolette in polish?
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How do you say hi how are you in Polish?

In Polish, you can say "Cześć, jak się masz?" which translates to "Hi, how are you?"

How did you say hi my name is in polish?

Czesc mam na imie... Czesc, nazywam sie...

What does hi mean in polish?

"Hi" in Polish is informally translated as "cześć," which is a common way to say "hello" or "hi." It is used in casual situations when greeting friends or peers.

How do you say hi in polish?

Cześć is the equivalent of hi (it sounds like cheshch). Cześć is the most common one.Cześć, Siema, Yo, Hej, Hey, Joł, Dobry, Dzień dobry

What does the word basha mean in polish?

In Polish, the word "basha" does not have a direct translation. It is not a commonly used word in the Polish language.

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what is your name

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How do you say hi what is you name my name is?

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How do you you say hi my name is in spanish?

hola soy ( your name) = Hi, I'm.... Hola me llamo (your name) = Hi, my name's....

What is hi in polish?

cheshed but be carful because cheshed is also bye

How do you say hi my name is in Yoruba?

In Yoruba, you can say "Bawo ni, Oruko mi ni..." to mean "Hi, my name is...".