How you say musical in German?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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it may sound strange but they call it musical.

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die Melodie. oder der Gesang

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Q: How you say musical in German?
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What is musical in German?

when you say if somebody is musical you say they are musikalisch.DR%

How do you say musical in German?

Same as English.

Is Inna German?

I think you mean to say Enya, and if so that musical artist is of Irish descent.

What is the greman word for musical?

german? musical.

What is the musical title 'Wicked' in literal German?

Böse is a literal German translation of the musical title 'Wicked'.

How do you say key in German?

The key is "der Schluessel". Other meanings and/or uses (e.g., house key, musical key, code key) hold also true in German.

Is the glockenspiels German?

The name of that musical instrument is really German. Chime = Glockenspiel.

What a German requriem?

Do you mean "What is the German Requiem"? If you do, then it's a famous musical masterpiece by German composer Johannes Brahms.

What note is H in German musical notation?


Are there sharps and flats in German musical notation?


Does the German musical stave have six lines since there is an H note in their musical alphabet?

H is the German notation for B flat so still just 5 lines on the stave

What are three German musical instruments?

Alpine Horn Accordion Bagpipe