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The lightning tries to hit you but the building block it, you are safe.

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Why tall buildings have lightning conductors?

Tall buildings are more likely targets for lightning strikes. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the owners to have lightning conductors or rods.

Do steel garages attract lightning strikes?

Contrary to popular myth... No. lightning is not attracted to metal buildings. It is conducted through metal though. Lightning is attracted to TALL buildings.

What to avoid when lightning strikes?

Trees, tall buildings, large clearings. Lightning strikes the tallest point.

Why does lightning strike tall buildings?

It's the shortest distance to the cloud.

Which inventor developed a safe elevator?

Elisha Otis invented the brake for elevators making them safe for tall buildings and thus making tall buildings practical.

Where would you find a lightning rod?

Lighting rods are attached to the top of the tall buildings

Did Benjamin Franklin make the lightning rode?

Yes so tall buildings could not get shocked.

What is the purpose of the wire on top of tall buildings?

Probably a Lightning Conductor. They say , in a Bad Storm, lightning will strike the Tallest building first. Cheers.

Why is a tree not safe during lightning?

Lightning tends to strike tall objects such as trees. When lightning does strike a tree it can kill or injure people and animals underneath it.

How can buildings be protected form lightning?

Tall skyscrapers use lightening rods to direct the lightening away from the building.

What modern technologies have been implemented to make homes and buildings safe from tsunamis?

A tsunami can be over 100ft tall, and can move over 100mph. It's so fast that it will hit you almost the second you see it. The only way to be safe is to live inland, and at a high elevation.

Why are buildings tall?

To scrape the sky :) Tall buildings are built to maximize land usage, so instead of having one home or office on expensive land, you can have thousands of homes or offices and charge prices for the expensive land.

How often does lightning strike trees?

lightening often strikes tall trees and buildings due to pointed end and action of point.

How did the lightning rod change the world?

By preventing dangerous lightning strikes on tall buildings, the lightning rod encouraged the multi-story buildings (and later skyscrapers) that eventually appeared in most major urban areas. Importantly (but not in a world-changing way), they also prevented many rural fires caused by lightning igniting wooden barns full of hay and straw.

How are tall buildings protected from lightning strikes?

They put metal rods on the top of the building. There is wire that leads from the rod and is buried underground which attracts lightning and conducts in discharge away from the building and into ground.

Where does lightning occur geographically?

Anywhere, though it tends to hit objects that are closer to its point of origin (i.e. tall buildings, trees, etc.)

How can tall buildings be protected from lighting?

Using a "lightning rod" that is set on the top of the tower to direct electricity from the static charge down to the ground where it is then deemed harmless

How tall is Crystle Lightning?

Crystle Lightning is 5' 3".

How tall is Georgina Lightning?

Georgina Lightning is 5' 4".

How tall is Lightning Bear?

Lightning Bear is 6' 5".

What causes lightning to strike certain areas?

Normally lightning will more likely strike areas that are higher in elevation and objects that are good conductors of electricity. The path from cloud to ground is shorter and the required potential is lower. Thus, lightning frequently hits tall hills, tall buildings, and tall trees. Lightning also finds the easiest way to get to the ground without having to cross as much of the atmosphere. Except when ionized, air is not a good conductor. Lightning rods are designed to prevent damage to structures. They give the electric charges an easy path to the ground.

Does every city have tall buildings?

Every city does not have to have tall buildings. Some small cities have small buildings. Besides, compared to NY and Chicago's skyscrapers nothing seems tall.

How do architects measure tall buildings?

they use a type of method to measure tall buildings. can anyone tell me how?

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