Husband says your vagina has expanded and he does not have a pleasure like before It is only 3 months since you got married what can you do contract the vagina and get the pleasure like before?


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May 27, 2009 9:16PM

hi ..I saw u;r Q and immedialty wanned to first of all its no way that vagina has axpanded..vagina has muscles like hears or u;r tounge..Dpue y'r tongue get tired or expand... vagina too its a muscle it dosent get expand.. every time when u do sex u just immprove her muscles and it gest stonger ..if true that it expand wht u think abotu 50 60 yr old wommen..the have a train tunel vagina... noo wayy... ist muscle and muscles dotn expand... tel u;r husband... Hi Diamonda, but I can feel the different for myself. Wen we had sex for the first time I found it was too difficult for him to come in. But now it has become very loose. heyy hi again...listen..for first times its like this bcz its somthing happening for first time its unusuall at that time..after that its more easy and u dont have to lose virginity every time u have sex...dats the reason i have 2 yrs i have regular sex with me fionse and every single time even twice a day he is in me.. Ok first off first person who typed that LEARN TO TYPE ENGLISH, Second off it did expand I SAW IT ON YOUTUBE. O and my friend agrees how else couldn't he fit? He says its like a black hole that just absorbs everything inside of it. P.s a secret...when he is in u can feel it..and u hold tight u;r self u know hold u;r muscles.. like lift up...wish uluck and write back plzz... im curious