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  • What you are going through is very normal. Young people during their teen years go through many hormonal changes that can sometimes cause them to have a foggy-headed feeling; frustration; moodiness; the beginning of getting to know who they are and what they are about so it is no wonder some teens can feel either frustrated; feel they are in a daze and sometimes a little depressed. Be patient and you will reach your goals. Study at home where it is quiet and do the best you can. If you are lagging in a certain subject at school then ask the teacher for help or another student with good grades to get you through this mental block. You sound like a very mature 15 year old so I have no doubt you will do well in the future.
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Q: I'm 15 going into year 11 and I really want to do well with my life and get good grades its just I can't concentrate in class I get distracted easily?
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