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maybe you should raise it to $145

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Q: I'm selling an ipad2 is 120 a good price for an used ipad2?
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If I know the selling price and the margin I want to achieve what formula is used to calculate the price I need to buy the goods at?

Margin = (Selling Price - Cost) / Selling Price

How much does the Apple iPad cost if its used?

Whatever the person selling it wants to charge for it. A first gen is worth $100-$200, an iPad2 $200-$400.

What is the average selling price for a used harley-davidson motorcycle?

The average selling price for a used Harley Davidson motorcycle depends on the year, model and its condition. However, the average selling price is between 10,000 and 15,000 US dollars.

Approximately how much are used 2009 dodge trucks selling for?

Used 2009 Dodge trucks are currently selling for around $10,000 dollars. The price also depends on how many miles were put on the vehicle and how good of shape the tires are in.

How much should you sell a transformer for?

The price that you bought it for is the price that you should sell it for if you haven't used it much and it is still in good condition. If it isn't in good condition, sell it for half price. But if your selling it on the internet like E-bay, then sell it for a little cheaper.

What is the most commonly used form of markup is based on?

selling price

How do an iPad2 and nook Fire compare?

IPad 2 is much better. Kindle is more for reading, when Ipad2 can be used for movies, books, apps, etc.

What is the price of a used Ithaca mag 10 shotgun?

If in good condition, I see these selling for $500-$600. Watch to see what they are currently bringing at this online auction.

What is adjusted selling price method in valuation of inventories?

adjusted selling price method , retail price of the inventory is calculated and marjinal profit is deducted from it generally used in retail business also known as Retail inventory method

What is the current selling price of a Nintendo 64?

A used one, approximately $30-$40.

What is the full form of USP as used to describe the USP of a product?

unit selling price

What metals are used to make the ipad2?

the answer is copper,aluminium and toilet greese