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Try to have friends. Having friends can make you a cool person

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Q: I'm worried about going in to middle school because i had a bad reputation in elementary school how can i change this?
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What if your friend says he is not feeling well he has a temperature of 37.5 degrees should you be worried?

You need not be worried because of the temperature but not all ailments cause a temperature change.

How important is reputation in the Victorian era?

It was so important because that was how you were classified and it was also what you were known as. Once you did something bad, it would change your reputation completely and you wouldn't be able to take it back or make people forget.

Why scientist are worried about climate change?

Scientists are concerned about climate change because it is causing rising global temperatures, sea level rise, extreme weather events, and disruptions to ecosystems. These changes have serious consequences for human health, food security, water resources, and overall sustainability. Urgent action is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Why is a reputation important?

Your reputation follows you around throughout your life. Money can't help you change it. Friends can't help you change it. Things you do and say early in your life are not forgotten years, even decades, later. In order to have a good reputation, it is important to be good all the time. Later in your life, you will be grateful if you can establish a good reputation in your youth.

Which organization has undergone a big change of reputation in the last year?


What has the author Orest P Ochitwa written?

Orest P. Ochitwa has written: 'A study of the organizational climate of high and low adopter elementary schools in Saskatchewan' -- subject(s): Education, Elementary, Educational change, Elementary Education, Elementary school administration

Is lockers necessery in elementary school?

No since students usually don't change classes

Why would a franchise like to change to a public limited company?

Because they want to more money and invest more, also they want to make their franchise grow and have higher reputation : D

Why is scout worried about Atticus at the end of chapter 13?

Scout becomes worried about Atticus at the end of Chapter 13 because she overhears Atticus being called a "n*****-lover" and "trash" by Mrs. Dubose, which upsets her and makes her concerned for her father's well-being. She is also troubled by Atticus's reaction, which is unusual in her eyes.

What if you have a bad reputation that no one likes?

If you have a bad reputation that people don't like, the best way to handle it is try and change your reputation. For example, if the bad rep is about being rude to others, try to be kinder to people. Eventually people will start to notice the change and welcome you more. If you're unsure what you have a bad rep, look at yourself. See if there's something you're unhappy with that you could make better, then change for you.

Your period is 3 weeks early are you pregnant?

Changes in your menstrual cycle happen because of a few factors. It could be stress, a change in your diet, or lifestyle. If you are worried you should take a pregnancy test.

Why can a person change but their reputation can't?

A person's reputation is influenced by the perceptions of others, which can be slow to change. People tend to remember past behaviors and it takes time for new behaviors to override old beliefs. In contrast, an individual can actively work on self-improvement and change their actions, but it may take time for these changes to be reflected in their reputation.