I'm 15 am i to young to get pregnant?


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It is definitely not too young to GET pregnant. Whether a 15-year-old ought to BE pregnant is another question entirely.

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I get this dream alot too and Im only 15..funny thing is, im giving birth and it doesnt hurt LOL :D

What do u mean what would happen? Be more specific. and nice to the fact that your 15 and pregnant. New show. 15 and under preggos! New hit!

You need help. Bottom line. I hope you are close with your parents, because they are going to have to help you. im 15 and pregnant how do i bring up my baby with no house and no money

You have had sex illigally and now you're screwed

Do i have to have both my parents signature if i get emanciapted at 16 if im pregnant?

the same thing happend to me to and im 15... and im positive im not pregnant!>? and im wondering the same thing!?@

There is an increased risk with very early pregnancies. And 12-15 is VERY young to be pregnant- your body is still growing. Anyone that is pregnant should have early medical attention- and don't get pregnant until you are an adult.

sheet i need helpp twooh:/ but we dah same age n idk if im pregnet whaa did your mom saii.. tell her thro a text its easier

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Yes it does, im 15 and i think im pregnant, i feel cramped up after eatin and feeling sick. im going to the docs to see if i am tho .. i had sexual intercourse a day ago and you don't normally feel anythin but i am ..

Honey , your ELEVEN . Do us all a favor , and please don't get pregnant anytime soon . Your too young , wait till your about mid twenties.

It depends on where you live, but in most places, a 20 year old having sex with a 15 year old is against the law, so he might.

Just sit down the two of you and tell her straight out that you are pregnant. Who the father is will come naturally because she will ask who it is. There is no sugar coating this.

If you have your period, you are probably not pregnant.

It will depend on the laws of the state in question. Many states require you to be at least 16.

im 13 and im pregnant! im really worried. what should i do? Tell your parents or someone you trust they will help, or call childline.

Nope Not In England I Dont Think,, Me And My Fiancee Have Our Own Place,, N Im 6 Months Pregnant N Im 15 N Hes 16,, So No I Dont Think You Do,, =] x

i think im pregnant but ive been sterlized ive had children before to no what it feels like to be pregnant

Even if you are breast feeding and you do get pregnant , you can know by the morning sickness and the urine test report if you are pregnant or not.

lol define young. im about to be 19 and im gay.......

Im am sure Raven is not pregnant

No you have to have sex to get pregnant.

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