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Iodine is a chemical element; the molecule is diatomic.

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Is I2 an element or a compound?

I2 is an Element. It is the chemical symbol for molecular iodine.

Is I2 an ionic or molecular compound?

I2 is a molecular element, not a compound.

What is the compound I2?

It is not a compound, it is the element iodine.

Is the compound I2 a polar bond?

First, I2 is the element iodine, not a compound. Second, it is nonpolar.

Is l2 a compound or element?

I2 is the element known as iodine

Is iodine a compound or mixture or element?

Iodine, I2 is an diatomic element, with two atoms in the molecule.

Is CI2 a compound or element?

Neither. C is carbon and I2 is elemental iodine but they do not form a compound as you have it written.

Which of these are elementsatomscompoundsmixturesatoms and molecules fecl3 i2 cuo fes s and k many thanks?

fecl3 is a compound called iron chloride. i2 is an element called iodine. fes is a compound called iron sulphide. s and k are elements sulpher and potassium

Is iodine crystal a compound?

Yes, it is I2.

Is l2 a covalent or ionic compound?

I2 is a non-polar covalent compound.

Is iodine 2 a molecular compound?

The molecule I2 is covalent.

What is the name of the element whose atomic number is 53?

This element 53 is called: Iodine, diatomic element I2.

Is gravel a compound a element or a element?

It is compound not an element.

Name an element that exists in a crystal lattice at stp?


What compound contains a non polar covalent bond?

O2, I2

What is the compound of I2 and Cl2?

Cl2 stands for Chlorine.I2 stands for Iodine.

How is a molecule of an element or a compound represented?

The symbols of the elements and subscripts are used to represent a molecule of an element or a compound. N2, O2, H2, Cl2, Br2, I2, F2, At2 are diatomic molecules of the element in each formula. C6H12O6, NO2, H2O, CO2 are examples of molecular compounds. NaCl, MgSO4, CaCl2 are examples of ionic compounds.

Is AgNO3 a compound or a element?

AgNO3 is a compound. Ag is an element, N is an element, and O is an element. Together, they are a compound.

Is polystyrene an element or compound?

it is a element and a compound

Is lye a compound or an element?


Is plastic an element or compound?

compound not element

Is francium a compound or element?

an element

Is h20 is a element or compound?

no its an element

What do you get when you mix an element with a compound?

You get a mixture of an element and a compound.

Is Pepsi a compound or an element?

Is Pepsi a compound or an element?