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I personally think everyone should be covered by Comp or an alternative, such as Occupational Accident or a self-insured plan. Even if you have health insurance, if you're injured on the job - even if it's in an auto accident on your way to the bank, if you're seriously injured and can't work for years, who will pay those health insurance premiums and lost wages? Comp has lifetime medical for work-related injuries. Occupational Accident is available in most states, and you can customize it for yourself and for any executives, partners or others that may be eligible to be excluded - or for any employee or 1099 contractor who opts out (rare.) It can work alone or in conjunction with Comp. Some states provide an exemption from having to carry insurance in your case, but I encourage you to take care of yourself.

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It's not so much how you pay them as whether you exercise control over them and how they do their job, etc. Play it safe - either insist they carry WC on themselves & name you/your company as Additional Insured or carry WC for them. Your local independent agent can counsel you on this.

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If you are the only worker, the answer is "no".

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Q: IF self employed in Florida as a handyman do you require workers compensation?
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