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It depends on what company issued your existing term life insurance policy. You can compare rates from multiple other insurance companies. You need a life insurance broker.

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What is enhanced whole life?

Whole life insurance that bases performance on current interest rates being credited and current mortality costs being charged

What companies provide whole life insurance?

You have many options when shopping for whole life insurance. Places such a MetLife, Colonial Penn, New York Life, and Guardian all offer whole life insurance with different rates and terms.

What is a life insurance conversion clause?

Many term or group term life insurance policies provide a conversion clause, which allows the covered person to purchase a permanent life insurance policy at the same medical condition rates you have on the term policy. The rates would be based on your attained age at the time of your conversion but if you health had deteriorated, it is still a good benefit.

What are Africa's birth rates and life expectancy rates?

You need to be more specific as Africa is not a country it is a continent therefore it has a range of birth rates and expectancy rates. by temi

Where can one compare whole life insurance?

Many insurance companies offer a way to compare whole life insurance rates. They also offers comparisons for term life insurance rates as well. Nationwide even offers a feature that will help someone decide how much life insurance coverage might be needed.

Where can i find whole life insurance rates anonymously?

There are multiple sources; you can find rates for free, no obligation at LifeGuy dot com, look for quotes link.

What is the best life assurance to have to provide monthly sums to children and spouse if the breadwinner dies?

You can shop term insurance rates The advantage to Universal or Whole life is that you have a savings feature and your rates stay level.

Where can one find rates on Prudential's life insurance?

Prudential life insurance rates can be found online at the Prudential's website. Their website offers all of the information you need when looking to purchase life insurance.

Is term life insurance a good option for seniors, or should I consider whole life?

Term life would be a better option than whole life insurance. Whole life insurance is better for early twenties-middle aged people. However, term life generally has an expiration and rates may go up at that point.

What is a typical whole life insurance rate?

Whole life insurance rates vary widely depending on the applicant's health and age. The average person in good health can expect to pay between 80 and 100 dollars a month, while unhealthy or elderly people will need to pay significantly more.

What company provides the best insurance rates on life insurance for children?

You will need to contact individual insurance companies to compare rates on life insurance for children. Rates will vary depending upon the age and health of the child in question.

What is attained age conversion term life insurance?

Attained age conversion is a point in time on a term life policy when the policyholder has attained the agen where they have the right to convert the term life insurance policy into a permanent whole life or universal life policy at their election and without having to take a paramedical exam.

How long do you stay in the iron lung?

Your whole life if you need to.

How can one obtain premium whole life insurance?

One can obtain premium whole life insurance through their current insurance company. Several companies such as TD Insurance and BMO Insurance, offer great rates.

Who has the best rates on life insurance?

You can compare available life insurance rates at www.lifeinsurancerates.com.

What is the average price difference between term and whole life insurance?

There are man yfactors that go into the rates for insurance, but term life insurance is generally cheaper because it only stays valid for the amount of time stated within the policuy, but as whole life insurance is good for ones whole life you will generally have it paid off after 10 to 20 years.

Where can one compare life insurance rates?

iSelect is a website that compares life insurance and the rates associated. IntelliQuote also compares life insurance rates, as does Compare The Market.

What is the rate offered by City Mortgage Solutions?

You can find many different rates offered by City Mortgage Solutions, There is mortgage rates, life insurance rates, and home insurance rates. There are also many types of mortgages, each with different rates. For example, there are variable rates, capped rates, fixed rates and more. You will need to contact them in order to get a rate quote.

What are the benefits of purchasing term assurance?

Term life insurance will protect the policyholder should his or her life end unexpectedly. Term life insurance is often the cheapest of all available insurance. Usually, term life insurance can be converted to whole life insurance during the term. Whole life insurance will never expire and the rates will remain constant throughout the policyholder's life.

Northwestern mutual life insurance interest on life polocies in 2010?

2009 Dividend Scale Interest Rates for Whole Life Policies in the General Account at Northwestern Mutual Life is 6.5% - information provided by Leadaodpak@aol.com

Can you convert a term life policy into a whole life policy?

Unlikely as the term polcy is for specific termand whole life pays out on death. The actuaries who set the premiums at the outset of the policy use mortality rates when the policy is taken out. To convert to a whole life policy would mean ia complete reevaluation which is not cost effective for the insurer. You could make term policy paid up and take out whole life policy but its best to take independent advice.

Which companies offer the best rates on life insurance?

PEMCO offers the best rates on life insurance.

Do whole grain have purines?

veggetation need it because of something good in your life

Where can one get life time annuity rates?

One can get life time annuity rates from his bank. They must simply speak to their financial adviser who will assist them with getting life time annuity rates.

What kind of life insurance should you get?

When deciding what type of life insurance to get, someone can choose between term and whole life insurance. Term insurance pays out when a person dies and whole life can be cashed in if you need the money early.

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