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No. Being a 12-year-old male is not normal.

Seriously, you're taller than average for your age but in the normal height range and your weight is in the normal range for your height.

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112 pounds is a good weight for a 5' 6" 18-year old male. They should not lose much more weight than this.

thats exactly the same i am a heathy weight for 5'3 is 105-120 pounds depending on bone and water weight

Uh no! Your a little overweight, sweetie!

112 pounds = 50.8 kilograms.

112 pounds = 50.8 (50.8023) kg

112 grams = 0.24692 pounds

112 ounces is seven pounds.

112 ounces is seven pounds.

A male that is 5 feet 1 inch tall has an average weight of 112 pounds. Weighing 111 pounds would mean this person is about average and not overweight.

22 pounds - 112 ounces = 15 pounds.

yeah it is normal i guess. i mean i am 11 and i weigh 112 pounds so it is normal but if u dont feel good about yourself then just lay down the food

112 beats per minute is not a normal heart rate for a 15 year old. A normal heart rate for a 15 year old is about 65 to 70 beats per minute.

112 ounces is equal to 7 pounds.

112 grams = 0.246917 pounds

112 ounces is 7 pounds.

112 ounces equates to seven pounds.

112 pounds is a bit heavy for an 11 year old girl who is 5'2" But you don't have to worry. It may just be muscle that makes her a little heavier.

There are 112 pounds in a hundredweight. So 112 lb=1 cwt

Divide by 16= 112/16 pounds

112 ounces is 7 pounds.

m = ( 112 kg ) ( 2.2046 lbm/kg ) = 247 lbm <------[ Answer ]---------

If you're male, then it will be 112 to 136 pounds. And if you're female, it's 104 to 127 pounds for a healthy weight.

I'm 12 and i weigh 112 pounds, its the right weight to be at 12. I'm not sure what your situation is but if you are that weight, it's just right!